Valuation 101: How to Value Your Early Stage Startup with Bob Chung, Director of Valuation, BPM

Do you know the value of your startup? It’s in your power to shape the story of how much your company is worth and why.

Learn how crucial current market conditions and valuation methodologies are to your company’s future from a top valuation firm BPM. Director of Valuation Services, Bob Chung, will share how to think more objectively and creatively about the metrics to craft your company’s narrative, making it easier to define then back up the value of your startup to investors and potential hires.

Don’t lose sight on how to explain the company you are building to professional investors. Bob will discuss how to be prepared for investors who may request various rights and preferences, plus valuation considerations for employee stock option pricing as you plan to expand your team.

Founders will learn:

  • How to protect yourself and early employees as you grow
  • A tactical framework for accurate valuation
  • Tools you need to be prepared for tough investor questions

Bob Chung
Director of Valuation Services, BPM

Bob Chung is a Director in BPM’s Financial Advisory Services group and has more than 15 years of business valuation experience. His engagement experience includes the execution and management of various financial analyses and valuations of public and private business entities, equity securities, intangible assets, partnership interests and restricted stock. He has performed valuation engagements for a variety of purposes, including mergers and acquisitions, initial and secondary public offerings, privatizations, bankruptcy / reorganization, financial reporting, tax planning, litigation support and strategic planning. He has performed valuations or executed transactions in a variety of industries with an emphasis on the technology sector.



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