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Women Business Owners,
this is for you.

Running a business and navigating new realities is a constant challenge. We are here to help you gain clarity and accelerate your business.

Join the community of women entrepreneurs who have gained access, resources, knowledge, and support through Milestone achievements.

We are committed to supporting more than 1000 women and their businesses over the next 12 months.

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Milestone Circles help entrepreneurs revitalize their vision for their business, set a critical business milestone and build a network of support to help them today and in the future.

Each 12-week program brings you together with a group of peers and coach facilitator to:

  • Gain focus and greater confidence for your vision
  • Strategize and plan business priorities for the next quarter
  • Gain peer and mentor support through working groups and classes

This program is free for entrepreneurs and made possible thanks to the generous support of the Wells Fargo Foundation. Wells Fargo remains dedicated to supporting small businesses and recently launched a program designed specifically for women entrepreneurs, Connect to MoreSM, as they continue to invest in the success and sustainability of women-owned small businesses.

What is a milestone?

An important goal you’ve set for your business that takes time, tenacity, and more than a little creative thinking to attain; it’s an achievement that signals your business is on its way to the next stage of growth.

Who should apply?

Women business owners seeking to grow their entrepreneurial mindset and skillsets to expand their business. Entrepreneurs will be matched to a virtual 12-week that compliments their drive, challenge, and company stage.


How do I apply?

Fill out an application which are reviewed on a rolling basis. Upon acceptance, you will be matched with a group of incredible women entrepreneurs who will help propel your business to the next level.


What is included?

Each Circle Cohort Includes:

  • Two 3-hour workshops to strengthen your vision and set your business milestone
  • Bi-weekly peer support groups with access to topic experts
  • Resources, including mentor recommendations through Mentor Makers
  • Access to a collaborative community of women entrepreneurs from across the country
  • Graduation and recognition across Nasdaq Center media and social channels
  • Post-graduation support through the Alumni Experience
Milestone Setting Strategy

How does it work?

The Milestone Circles program is designed to be a safe space for founders to take risks, share their wins, challenges and gain immediate support.

Each 12-week cohort is grouped with other women entrepreneurs who complement each other’s drive, challenges,  and/or is at a comparable stage of the company (age of company, stage of revenue, number of employees).

When you apply to be a part of the Milestone Circles program, the information you share helps us identify how to make sure that each entrepreneur gets the most benefit from the program. We aim to match you with a group of incredible women entrepreneurs who will help accelerate your growth today and support you in the future.


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The 2022-2023 Milestone Circles cohorts begin in July!
Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Click here to meet the Milestone Circles graduates
Download the Milestone Mapping Toolkit

Milestone Circles Toolkit

The Milestone Circles toolkit is designed to help women entrepreneurs gain deeper insight into their vision, prioritize their critical business milestones, and gain clarity around their action plan for success.

Use the Milestone Cirlces Toolkit when:

  • You are looking to achieve a large business goal in a short amount of time.
  • Everything feels urgent and you need help prioritizing and focusing goals.
  • You want to build a quarterly action plan but haven’t had time or headspace to think big picture.
Download Toolkit

Meet our Milestone Circles
Cornerstone Mentors!

Cornerstone Mentors serve as full-Circle support to help participants prioritize their time and optimize resources as they pursue their goals to milestone completion over the course of the program. Each Circle is assigned to one Cornerstone Mentor.

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Milestone Circles Toolkit

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