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Welcoming Student Talent Into Your Organization

This workbook is for any manager who plans to welcome student talent into their organization.

What keeps you up at night? “Talent.” That is an answer we often hear from early-stage founders. Since 2017 we have been running internship programs with Lehigh University and California Community Colleges. The fresh perspectives, grit and tenacity of students can make a profound difference on businesses, even in a short internship period. And sometimes, there are growing pains and challenges that surface. We’ve learned alongside intern managers and students what makes an internship successful and are excited to share this learning with you.

In this workbook, you will find a set of reflections, exercises, and best practices from over a dozen intern managers at early-stage companies. These are to help you create an efficient and effective landing pad for student talent in your organization. Hundreds of students have also reflected on their own internship experience and this collective wisdom and advice has been translated into a comprehensive intern onboarding planning tool for you.

Introducing Intern Ready Workbook for Managers.


Intern Ready Workbook:
For Intern Managers

  • Design and build an effective internship experience aligned with growth goals
  • Plan your students’ onboarding experience for faster integration into the business.
  • Accelerate student learning, development, and growth.

Are you a student interested in working at an early-stage company? Visit our Aspiring Entrepreneurs page and library of resources for more information. From there, you can join our intern community where you’ll have access to our Intern Ready Workbook for Students.

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Get ready to welcome student talent into your organization!

Intern Ready Workbook

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Get ready to welcome student talent into your organization!

Intern Ready Workbook


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