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Collective intelligence from our programs, research, and community has informed this set of interactive exercises to align your vision as a leader to capital options best suited for your business.

Use Starting Line for Capital Pathways to:

  • Anchor to your vision and crystalize ultimate successes for you as a business leader.
  • Identify capital types that best support your leadership needs.
  • Prioritize learning goals for follow-on capital exploration.

What are Capital Pathways?

A Capital Pathway is a comprehensive way of looking at how you’re bringing money into your company not just in the short-term, but what comes before a capital funding moment and what comes after.

You can think of Capital Pathways as a preview of how capital models work (or don’t work) to helping you achieve your business vision.

Why this Starting Line?

This is an invitation to connect to your biggest dream for your business and begin pursuing capital from this perspective – letting your needs and values as a founder drive capital exploration.

Each capital type, based on its structure, informs business conditions like pace of growth, ownership autonomy, and what capital will follow. This interactive set of exercises we’ll help you align your needs as a leader to business conditions that inform capital options for further exploration.

What’s included:

  • Interactive Exercises
  • Starting Line Capital Considerations Map, customized for your leadership priorities
  • Glossary of Key Terms
  • Resources by Capital Type

Let’s Continue to Build Together!

Coming June 2023 will be the Capital Pathways Workbook which matches your business model to capital needs, and help you build your full capital map (today and tomorrow) with transparency and clarity from entrepreneurs and capital providers.

Those signing up before June 1st will receive a special invitation to Capital Pathway office hour session hosted by a fellow business owner and capital provider.

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Capital Pathways Workbook

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Capital Pathways Workbook


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