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Upcoming Classes

The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center offers a wide variety of opportunity for entrepreneurial learning and growth. We welcome entrepreneurs and founders from across the globe to take advantage of our free classes and resources and attend our world-class events. New events and classes are added weekly!

Interested in a class that has already past? You can find it on our YouTube channel.

Learn how customer discovery done right can propel your startup’s growth with Kanika Mehta.“Talk to your customers” is common advice every entrepreneur has heard, and rightfully so: according to CB […] Read More »
Learn how to build a brand experience that drives engagement and fosters meaningful connections with Genesis A. Emery-Foley.Brand strategy is essential for entrepreneurs seeking to distinguish their brand and attract […] Read More »
Milestone Circles is a free accelerator designed for women business owners seeking catalytic growth. Join this info session to learn more!Applications for the Milestone Circles Program are open! This info […] Read More »
Learn how to develop and optimize your pricing strategy for subscriptions to scale your B2B business sustainably with Zahra Yarahmadi.For B2B SaaS companies following a subscription model, effective pricing strategy […] Read More »

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