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Upcoming Classes

The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center offers a wide variety of opportunity for entrepreneurial learning and growth. We welcome entrepreneurs and founders from across the globe to take advantage of our free classes and resources and attend our world-class events. New events and classes are added weekly!

Interested in a class that has already past? You can find it on our YouTube channel.

Learn how to ditch societal standards and step into your most powerful, authentic self at work with Lisa Carmen Wang.As societal expectations and personal standards intertwine, women entrepreneurs may struggle […] Read More »
Learn how to communicate your brand effectively to inspire others to engage with your business with Maureen Chiana.Communication is central to the brand. When effective, it can help you achieve […] Read More »
Learn how current market dynamics are impacting enterprise sales and how you and your business should respond with Whitney Sales.In 2022, corporations, businesses, investors, and governments realized the recession was […] Read More »
Gain insight into the complications of international trade to protect your business for global B2B sales efforts with Kimberly Daniels.Extending the reach of your B2B sales efforts on a global […] Read More »

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