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Milestone Mapping Toolkit

We developed this 44-page guide to help entrepreneurs prioritize their critical business milestones and gain clarity around their action plan for success.

Use the Milestone Mapping Toolkit when:

  • you are looking to achieve a large business goal in a short amount of time.
  • everything feels urgent and you need help prioritizing and focusing goals.
  • you want to build a quarterly action plan but haven’t had time or headspace to think big picture.
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Welcome To Milestone Mapping!

Gain clarity for goal setting

Despite all the daily demands and pressures, successful entrepreneurs must develop strategies to drive business forward that can be measured and realized over a period of time.

That’s why we leveraged collective intelligence from our programs, research, and community to create a set of interactive exercises that align your personal and business goals to help you build an action plan based on your highest vision of success. 15 personalized exercises!

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Milestone Mapping Toolkit

Milestone Mapping Toolkit

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