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We are committed to creating and offering dedicated resources tailored to the needs of founders who are building ideas from the ground up. This includes virtual classes, mentorship, coaching, and events that bring together entrepreneurs from all walks of life and all stages of company growth, all at no cost to the entrepreneur. We encourage you to register for our upcoming, live events, as well.


“How to Get a Meeting with Anyone” with Stu Heinecke

Every advancement in our lives happens as a result of getting meetings and making connections. That need to connect is never more critical than it is for entrepreneurs, who must quickly source investors, clients, strategic partners and other supporters. But getting those meetings is never easy. Surely, there must be a way to stand out and connect at will. But what is it?

In How to Get a Meeting with Anyone, author Stu Heinecke introduced the world to Contact Marketing—a fusion of marketing and selling in which often audacious methods are used to create connections with the people who can change the scale of our careers, businesses and lives. In this Learn In, Heinecke will share actionable ideas, tips and strategies, as well as a few inspirational stories of Contact Marketing campaigns. Among those is the sword campaign that generated a 100% response, the $28 Facebook contact ad that generated a $20M result (and a 69,500,000% ROI), and Heinecke’s own use of his cartoons (he’s also one of the WSJ cartoonists) to create breakthrough results.

  • Focus on the people who can change your scale
  • Always impart extraordinary and surprising value in your outreach
  • Human-to-human connections are paramount; the goal is to create “I love the way you think” moments
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“Pricing Strategies for Startups” with Christine Alemany

Join us to learn the best pricing strategies for startups with Christine Alemany of Trailblaze Growth Advisors.

One of the biggest challenges for a startup is determining pricing strategy. It’s a delicate balance between undervaluing yourself and leaving money on the table or losing interest by asking too much. To help navigate the complexities of pricing, join us for a lively discussion and Q&A on pricing strategy for startups. This session will help you build the right pricing strategy by giving you the tools to better estimate demand and value, your costs, and even analyze your competition’s pricing and costs.

Topics will include:

  • How to set your pricing level
  • How to decide on a pricing structure and optimize it for your startup
  • How to build the right pricing strategy foundation by estimating demand/value, costs, and analyzing your competition
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“Startup Marketing 101: Five steps to Creating a Successful Marketing Strategy” with Inna Semenyuk

You are past the idea stage, you have a product in the market and the first customers admire your brand. How do you take it to the next level and develop a marketing strategy that converts followers into buying customers? Watch this session to learn what makes or breaks a startup’s marketing plan and develop and implement a strategy that will generate results.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to find your voice and tell your story
  • How to create content that resonates with your customers
  • Which tactics and platforms are best for your business and which ones are wasting your time
  • How to convert your followers into customers
  • How to find time and resources to implement a successful marketing plan
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“The 5 Steps to Find Product-Market Fit” with Arjita Sethi

In this virtual event, Arjita will be covering Product-Market Fit & Growth for early stage entrepreneurs and small businesses. Join us to learn how to create user pipelines organically, how to collect feedback the right way, how to create effective business models, and how to create a “Fear Of Missing Out” for your product or service.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • What experts mean when they say “Product-Market Fit”
  • I do not need marketing dollars to find users
  • I can create “FOMO”, if I reach the right people
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“Don’t Panic! PPP Forgiveness – We Have Answers”

Did you receive a PPP loan for your business?

Recent legislation impacts forgiveness and use of funds. In our second Don’t Panic webinar, learn from our panel of experts what you need to know now about PPP loan forgiveness and actions you can take to set yourself up successfully to navigate loan forgiveness.

Topics include:

– What you need to know about recent legislation
– How changes affect forgiveness including use of funds and spending periods
– How to best prepare yourself today as PPP guidelines continue to unfold


Roxann Burns, Bank of the West
Tom West, KPMG US
Brady Berg, Wilson Sonsini

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“Digital Transformation” with Tara-Nicholle Nelson and Julien Defossé

The road to digitally transforming your company with Julien Defossé (Bank of the West) & Tara-Nicholle Nelson (SoulTour.com)

Has Covid-19 accelerated technology needs for your business?

This session is focused on finding the ways you are operating and delivering value to customers through the use of technology – what we are calling digital transformation.

Let’s explore ways to build a successful digital transformation strategy and drive new value for your customers, especially in moments of instability and uncertainly.

We will navigate themes and trends that can be learned from drastic industry changes happening across industries such as telecommuting, on-demand food service, virtual events, and the cloud. Together we will learn why digital transformation is not a singular destination but an ongoing, iterative process with benefits you can unlock immediately with limited resources.

Digital Transformation Topics:

  • Driving new business models
  • Powering interaction with customers
  • Prioritizing investment/deployment of resources against digitization
  • Digital transformation as a mindset
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“Top Marketing Tools Every Startup Should Know About” with Cliff Worley

Learn how to do social media effectively in order to break through the noise and sell your product

With so many digital marketing tools, you really want to make sure you know the tools that drive results. I have tested hundreds of digital marketing tools over the past five years and I want to share with you the ones I think are the most effective for your business. If this kind of stuff is a foreign language to you, don’t worry, I will help break it all down.

In this virtual session, Cliff will highlight:

  • How to use the latest social media marketing tools
  • How to grow your business without running ads
  • How to put your social media on autopilot
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“Demystifying Facebook Ads: Reach Your Potential Clients & Customers” with George Kao

What is the overall map for using Facebook Ads in a cost-efficient way to reach our potential clients and customers?

Facebook is the largest social media platform by far, with more than 2 billion daily users! Any demographic can be reached with Facebook Ads and it is one of the most cost effective ways to market your brand. This webinar will give you an overall understanding of how to create an effective and affordable Facebook Ads strategy to reach your potential clients/customers.

Valuable topics of discussion will include:

  • Understanding how to reach the *right* people, not just more people
  • Warming up an audience before trying to sell to them
  • Why it is better to use words without graphics, when reaching cold audiences (people who don’t know your brand yet)
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“Follow the Feeling: How to Cut Through the Noise and Build a Valuable Brand” with Kai D. Wright

Our first virtual Author-in-Residence event!

Columbia University lecturer, author, speaker, and marketing expert Kai D. Wright leads an interactive experience that pulls the audience into the branding Olympics. During the session, Kai will teach the five brand building secrets of fast-growing companies in Silicon Valley and beyond. This session is for founders, entrepreneurs, and leaders that want to help their business not only survive, but thrive in 2020. Combining the principles in communication, behavioral economics and branding, this session provides insights into how to create value for consumers & communities in an increasingly noisy world.

Don’t miss this opportunity to think through delivering brand value in a noisy world and in the face of so much uncertainty. It will also teach us to discover the importance of (and techniques for) connecting with customers and building communities at a time when budgets have frozen or shrunk for the foreseeable future.

Purchase Kai’s Book Here: https://amzn.to/2FAEay2

Key takeaways will include:

  • Understanding the role of emotions & feelings in motivating action
  • Identifying the five branding aspects that matter most to achieve resonance: lexicon triggers, audio cues, visual stimuli, experience drivers and cultural connections (LAVEC)
  • Applying the LAVEC framework for a cohesive brand experience across the organization
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“Managing Financial Anxieties: Cash Flow for Small Businesses” with Industry Experts from BPM

Managing People and Cash Flow Anxiety with BPM

While the impact of COVID-19 varies across industries and regions, business leaders must manage uncertainty as they plan for ways to preserve company value. SBA programs are exhausted, but financial health hasn’t returned. Alternative financing options, difficult operational decisions and financial restructuring are all part of the landscape. During this session we will address actions to protect businesses today and establish cash flow management strategies.

Join BPM for an intimate discussion hosted by Edward Webb, as we dive deeper into maintaining business in a post-COVID market:

  • Emergence and recovery models to balance multiple priorities
  • People strategy and statistics
  • Alternative financing options to fit your company’s cash flow needs
  • Strategies to maximize company value and payout
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Town Hall

“Leading Through Crises: A Virtual Town Hall Discussion” with John Chambers

Join John T. Chambers & Nasdaq’s SVP, Jeff Thomas, for an open discussion highlighting how to navigate through crises.

There are few great leaders in our world today who have had the breadth and depth of business experience as John Chambers, Chairman of Cisco, VC Investor, and author. In his prolific 20+ year career, John has led through 5 Financial, 5 Health Care, and 5 Supply Chain Crises.

John is well-known and appreciated for his commitment to mentorship to innovators worldwide. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how he is approaching his work and investments today, why mentorship is catalytic as a leader, when and how to ask for help, and when to listen to others. John will share his playbook on how to not just survive, but how to “connect the dots” in ways you may not see today.

John will answer your burning questions. Topics we’ll explore include:

  • Leading through seismic challenges
  • Planing for the short-term while building for the long-term
  • Seeing opportunity, especially in times of adversity

This interactive town hall session is hosted by Jeff Thomas of Nasdaq, SVP, Head of Western US Listings & Capital Markets.

Please Note: During this open discussion a select number of pre-registered participants were allowed to ask direct questions. Unfortunately, we are unable to answer the questions of those viewing via Livestream or on-demand.

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“Don’t Panic: The Small Business Guide to PPP Forgiveness” with industry experts from Bank of the West, KPMG, & Wilson Sonsini

Millions of small businesses approved for an SBA Paycheck Protection Program loan are now asking “How do I get loan forgiveness”?

Loan forgiveness is not automatic and requires strict criteria. Don’t panic!

The Center’s Executive Director, Nicola Corzine, is thrilled to host this webinar of panelists who will share their views on how to navigate the road ahead to PPP Forgiveness.

You will hear insights on:

  • How to prepare for forgiveness
  • How to avoid potholes along the way
  • Why you shouldn’t panic

Special Guests:

  • Roxann Burns, Bank of the West
  • Tom West, KPMG US
  • Brady Berg, Wilson Sonsini
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“Metrics That Matter: What to Measure and Why Investors Care” with Lauren M. Taylor

Talk confidently with investors about metrics that matter and learn why they care.

Investors will tell you that early on, there’s only one metric that matters – users. The suggestion is deceptively simple; there are so many ways to measure. What are your core assumptions and how are you going to test them? Those are the metrics to measure! In this session we’ll unpack what to test, how to test it, and what inventors are really expecting from early-stage digital startups. Demonstrate your dedication to users with metrics that matter.

You will Learn:

  • The most common metrics and what they reveal
  • How to test assumptions and what to do with the data
  • The levers for influencing the most common metrics
  • How to predict costs and revenue.

This interactive session is designed for early stage entrepreneurs & founders asking:

  • From downloads to DAU, what metrics should I be tracking?
  • I’m not charging yet, can I still show traction?
  • I barely have customers, how should I think about LTV and CAC?
  • Should I be focused on acquiring new customers or recurring revenue?
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“Conscious Leadership” with Diana Chapman & Jim Dethmer

Everyone can be a leader if they take responsibility for their influence in the world!

Presence is more important than ever and #entrepreneurs have to be ready to stay center and respond to the moment from a place of deep knowing, not reaction. The team that sees reality most actively, wins.

Join us to learn why:

  • Context is everything! Your ability to keep your energy high and stay deeply connected to people you’re collaborating with matters
  • Relationships matter, relationships are all about context
  • Taking responsibility for results is empowering! Understand you’re the creator of everything going on. Help shift from “to me” to “by me”
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“Financial Modeling: Get Smart about Real Revenue & Costs” with Lauren Taylor

Talk confidently with investors about the returns they can expect and how you’re going to deliver.

The TAM, SAM, and SOM often give founders the false belief that there is demand for their product when there is not. Financial modeling demonstrates your startup’s capacity to scale, not the size of the market. How many users do you need to be profitable? How many sales do you need to make in year 1? In this session Lauren M. Taylor will help create realistic revenue goals and timelines with a simple document that illustrates your business trajectory over the first five years. Prepare to talk confidently with investors about the returns they can expect and how you’re going to deliver.

You will Learn:

  • How to size the market
  • How to justify your business model
  • Enhanced, authentic confidence to ask for what you need
  • How to predict costs and revenue

This interactive session is designed for early stage entrepreneurs & founders asking:

  • What are TAM, SAM, and SOM and do I need them in my pitch deck? How should I think about market size?
  • How should I decide the best business model? Should I be a subscription service? A one-time download? Should I sell online or in retail locations?
  • I’m not a ‘math person.’ How can I predict our costs and revenue over the first five years so that I can justify my ask? Isn’t this all just made up?
  • How do I show investors what I think we’re worth and why we’re a good investment for them?
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“Navigating Down-Round Financing” with Partners from Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

With special guests, Steven E. Bochner, Becki DeGraw, & Amy L. Simmerman

As public markets retreat from historic highs, down-round financings unfortunately become more common. Although such financings can be unavoidable, they can also raise a number of questions relating to structuring concerns, impacts on existing investors and employees, and fiduciary duty considerations for the board and others. This webinar includes discussion of these issues, both for those who have been through down-round financings in the past and those who have not.

In particular, we address the following topics:

  • Fundraising in the Current Environment: What We Are Seeing
  • Structuring a Down-Round
  • Fiduciary Duty Considerations, Litigation Risks, and Process Considerations
  • Historical Perspectives from Prior Down-Round Environments
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“Communicate Like a Leader: 7 Guidelines For a Story of Disruption” with Michael Margolis

Things are changing quickly. If you’re not telling the story, someone else is going to tell the story for you.

Your customers and employees need reassurance. This is a time to communicate with your stakeholders more than ever. Together we’ll explore actionable, practical communication guidelines for leaders and CEOs in the midst of both immediate triage and adaptive response.

You will Learn:

  • How do you pivot your messaging to speak to a new reality?
  • How do you maintain team morale as you embrace change?
  • How do you communicate in a way that is honest, grounding, and inspiring?
  • What are the right ways to sell and market in this climate (without hurting your rep)?
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“Finance Optionality” with Our Executive Director Nicola Corzine

Always build some optionality into your startup’s financing strategy.

In the spirit of growing adaptive resilience while dealing with disruptive forces, we invite you to join Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center’s Executive Director, Nicola Corzine for an in-depth interactive look into successful Finance Optionality for your business.

The streets of Silicon Valley are littered with investor pitches and dozens of guidelines/best practices on what to prepare for pitching investors. Before spending hours on deck revisions, let’s start by getting you on the right path with your fundraising goals. This practical guide will help you gain clarity on the right fundraising strategy for you based on your specific needs.

By the end of this hour you’ll walk away with a firm grounding on:

Are you venture backable today?
What alternative paths of fundraising should I consider?
How long does it take to raise capital?
Who are my target “investors” and how do I meet them?
What happens after the term sheet and check are received?
There is a lot of expectation on fundraising in Silicon Valley. Much is taught on the art of mastering the perfect pitch but less on the mechanics of “why?” or even “should you?”. While investor pitching is an important part of confidence building and many entrepreneurs success, it is not the only path open to funding your company. In fact, working on the presentation is the LAST step in a rigorous journey of due diligence from you as an entrepreneur that begins with the question of how YOU define success? Once that critical insight is understood, the rest of the fundraising strategy is easy.

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Founders’ Leadership Series

Deepak Chopra

On April 15, we were humbled and delighted to kick off our virtual Founders’ Leadership Series with renowned holistic health expert and author, Deepak Chopra.

We heard from Deepak why now – more than ever – it’s critical for entrepreneurs to cultivate & lean in to mindfulness. Deepak shared the need for spiritual well being during this time and launched a 21-Day meditation challenge just for entrepreneurs.

Be sure to sign up for the free 21-Day Meditation Challenge – Hope in Uncertain Times.

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“Edge: Turning Adversity into Advantage” with Laura Huang

One of the hardest things a founder or entrepreneurial team must do is create a competitive advantage – an edge – for themselves and their venture.

With an increasing number of working-age Americans starting new businesses, the start-up landscape is becoming even more saturated. Creating an edge becomes important – even vital – to the long-term success of the venture and team. From early stage ideation to building a team to resource acquisition, and finally go-to-market, entrepreneurs can find and create their edge by recognizing the role interpersonal dynamics and communication play in the process.

Attendees will learn:

  • The EDGE framework, which provides a perspective on how entrepreneurs can create their edge through their ability to: Enrich, Delight, Guide, and Exert Effort
  • Real-life EDGE stories, case studies about early-stage entrepreneurs, and academic research
  • Strategies to flip circumstances in your favor and create a founder’s edge
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