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The impact you’re creating inspires us!

We want to make it easier to communicate the value you’re building to enhance investor relationships, drive customer awareness and increase employee retention.

We’re thrilled to introduce the Impact Beacon – an insights platform that allows entrepreneurs to use facts and figures to identify, evaluate, and articulate their impact.

Take two minutes to build a shareable series of measurements and impact targets – using facts and figures – to demonstrate your company’s potential impact at scale.

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Examples of Impact Beacon platform insights:

About the Impact Beacon

For the first time, entrepreneurs can visualize and explore the positive impact of their business in a few simple steps. The Impact Beacon provides entrepreneurs with planning tools and a vision for the impact that they can build companies around. It was built to complement the hard work of impact platforms such as the Sustainable Development Goals, IRIS+, BLab, and the Impact Management Project (among others).

The Impact Beacon asks a short series of questions that take entrepreneurs less than two minutes to answer. The result is a shareable series of measurements and impact targets that they can use to demonstrate their company’s potential impact at scale. The metrics are mapped to those identified by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and are linked back to third party research so entrepreneurs can explore the ties between their business and the potential outcomes it can achieve.

Entrepreneurs can use the Impact Beacon’s downloadable output in pitch decks, websites, and marketing materials – which often results in better stakeholder relationships, employee retention and recruiting, and public relations. These entrepreneurs are also constantly improving the Impact Beacon by providing feedback and suggestions for additions, expanding the reach of the platform to other sectors and geographies outside the US. By making the impact storytelling process easy, accessible, and tangible, the Impact Beacon will help more entrepreneurs build more impactful companies.


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