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We believe everyone has a fundamental right to start and grow a business.

Working beside entrepreneurs, educators, investors, philanthropists, and community partners we are dedicated to helping those who are starting and growing a business find ways to rise and thrive. Working with key partners, including Lehigh University, we’re building a living library of resources for the young, aspiring entrepreneurs.

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What is entrepreneurship for you?

“…the business form of artistic creativity, creating something from nothing.”

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“…investing time, passion, and energy without knowing that you will succeed.”

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“…taking a risk and creating something that makes a difference.”

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University Partnership: Lehigh@NasdaqCenter

Lehigh and NEC

In 2017, we launched Lehigh@NasdaqCenter to extend Lehigh’s entrepreneurial spirit on the west coast and beyond. L@NC is an exclusive academic in-residence collaboration between Lehigh University and the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center in San Francisco.

Each year, we serve hundreds of students through high-impact, immersive learning experiences – innovative programs like the  Global Entrepreneurial Fellowship, Startup Academy, and remote courses - that change the way students see themselves and the world. Join us on our journey to educate, connect and inspire the next generation of global entrepreneurial leaders.

Library of Resources

What does it take to successfully intern at a startup? Hear from Lehigh students who have participated in Startup Academy.

Download this guide to help prioritize your critical business milestones and gain clarity around your action plan for success.

Succeed at the various stages pitching and delivering presentations and win support for your business with this free toolkit.

Gain new insights and skills for the work you uniquely are built to do in this world by accessing this toolkit through your Canvas account.

Discover your path to entrepreneurship and develop entrepreneurial skills, mindsets, and agency. Available through our Mighty Networks community.


Student Entrepreneurship Programs Design Challenge Design Challenge empowers students to create a better future for all through entrepreneurial education. We define entrepreneurial education as the development of mindsets, skillsets, and agency that help all individuals, regardless of background, maximize their entrepreneurial potential, whether it be starting a new venture, going to work for an existing organization, or becoming an artist, activist and everything in between.

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Lehigh Startup Academy

A three-month summer internship alongside a credit-bearing course that will place business students in startups. Students will intern with early to mid-stage startups that are part of the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center ecosystem. The students will work alongside founders on valuable milestones critical to company growth, such as go-to-market strategy, customer discovery and more. (This program is open to currently enrolled Lehigh College of Business and Economics students only)

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Dateline Silicon Valley
Students from Lehigh University, through the Lehigh@NasdaqCenter, produce and distribute multimedia material to help the communication efforts of the Lehigh@NasdaqCenter and the Center.

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Youth Entrepreneurship Pilots & Programs

Learn how to get a head start on your career, build your future, deepen your work experience and explore career opportunities at new startups–all while adding valuable skills to your portfolio. (This program is for currently enrolled California Community College students only)

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Youth Entrepreneurial Camp with Girls Crushing It

Combining the Center’s vision of inspiring the next generation of risk-takers and idea makers with the Girls Crushing It mission of empowering girls through entrepreneurship, in 2020 we piloted a virtual youth entrepreneurship camp to equip girls with the confidence and knowledge to write their own stories. The Center’s Youth Entrepreneurial Camp with Girls Crushing It was designed to increase confidence, leadership skills and financial acumen in girls ages 10 – 14.

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“Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center gave Girls Crushing It a turbo boost that helped to accelerate our growth and increase our impact during a critical time. Our partnership enabled us to pivot our youth entrepreneurship programming online and establish a framework that will allow us to educate thousands of girls over the next 2 years. We’re so grateful to the Nasdaq Center for helping to advance our mission of empowering girls through entrepreneurship.”

Roxanne Christophe
Founder & CEO
Girls Crushing It

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