Youth Entrepreneurial Camp with Girls Crushing It

Coming This July:

Nasdaq Center’s Youth Entrepreneurial Camp with Girls Crushing It



Virtual Youth Entrepreneurship Camp

Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center is pleased to announce our partnership with Girls Crushing It.

Combining the Center’s vision of inspiring the next generation of risk-takers and idea makers with the Girls Crushing It mission of empowering girls through entrepreneurship, we are uniquely positioned to equip girls with the confidence and knowledge to write their own stories.

Fact: Between ages 8 and 14, girls’ confidence levels drop by 30% and lack of confidence can alter their career trajectories and limit career options.

The Center’s Youth Entrepreneurial Camp with Girls Crushing It is designed to increase confidence, leadership skills and financial acumen in girls ages 10 – 14.

We are currently accepting applications for the following free courses.

Applications are due by July 7th at noon!

Course #1: Entrepreneurship 101

This entry-level course is ideal for someone who is in the early stages of starting a business or someone who wants to get a business kickstarted. No previous experience is required.

Course outline:

July 13: Identifying an Idea

  • Identify an idea for a product or service based on your passion or a market need
  • Define target customer
  • Brainstorm products for customer avatars
  • Homework: Design a customer avatar for your product

July 15: Developing a Product/Service & Sales Pitch

  • Benchmark product and services
  • Identify processes and tools that will help you scale
  • Calculate cost, price and margin to ensure profitably
  • Develop a sales pitch
  • Homework: develop a 30-second sales pitch using the pitch worksheet

July 17: Launching Your Product/Service

  • Deliver a 30-second sales pitch based on your pitch homework
  • Branding, marketing, merchandising, price elasticity and processing sales
  • Iterate based on market feedback
  • Sales channels i.e. pop-up shops, brick and mortar retail and online sales


Class Meets Virtually Age Tuition Application
1 Week: July 13, 15, 17
1:00 – 2:30 PM (PDT)
10 – 14 Free Application Deadline:
July 7 at noon


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Course #2 : Give Your Business a Social Distancing Makeover

Utilizing a design thinking framework, this intermediate course is tailored for someone who has an existing product or business and would like to learn how to pivot their business model to operate under limitations imposed by COVID.

Course outline:

July 19: Empathize and Define

  • Panel discussion: Local business owners discussing how they have pivoted due to COVID
  • Introduction to design thinking framework
  • Identify constraints placed on your business
  • Articulate how customers might be feeling and how you can cater to that
  • Homework – Use the worksheet to identify problems facing your business

July 26: Ideate, Prototype and Test

  • Share business problems from homework
  • Identify strategies for “social distancing” your business
  • Brainstorm ways for customer avatars to “social distance” their businesses
  • Develop a business plan to launch and test your “social distancing” business model


Class Meets Virtually Age Tuition Application
Two consecutive Sundays:
July 19 and 26
2:00 – 3:30 PM (PDT)
10 – 14 Free Application Deadline:
July 7 at noon


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