Mindfulness for Hustlers with Kim Nicol

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Founders deal with anxiety, pressure, depression and intense highs and lows. They struggle with sleep, prioritizing their time, decision-making and burnout, which leads to poor presentations, communication and relationship-building. This all contributes to the top reason startups fail: relationship and people problems.

Kim gets real about the challenges facing founders and discusses tools that can help you get an immediate handle on the situation. Mindfulness works, but it’s ordinarily hard to find the time or a teacher who knows how to make it accessible to founders.

Topics include:

– How to be present with others for more effective communication

– Techniques to relax your mind and body anytime, anywhere

– Tips to become a more calm and even-keeled leader, no matter what else is going on

Kim NicolKim Nicol
Coach, Own the Room

Kim Nicol works with founder-CEOs, attorneys, executives, product leaders, developers, and entrepreneurs. In addition to her private practice, she is proud to be a coach with Own The Room, developing communication skills in seasoned and emerging leaders at companies like Facebook, Maersk, Reddit, LinkedIn, Uber, and more.

She is a former lawyer, and speaks at law firms and Bar Associations about Mindfulness and burnout in the legal profession. Through her speaking, writing, and online courses, her message of mindfulness has touched the lives of thousands around the world.



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