How to Grow Revenue with Rick Silvestrini, VP of Marketing at Hired

Learn from the VP of Marketing at Hired, Rick Silvestrini, how to grow your company on revenue. Revenue development often comes from a good Product Market fit, but how to grow revenue is often a hurdle many founders face. This podcast will teach you how to understand unit economics, revenue strategy by stage, and how to scale your customer acquisition channels. This podcast aims to helps entrepreneurs increase revenue by focusing on the fundamentals of revenue growth. Not all businesses need outside capital to grow, some can do it on their own through sales.  Learn simple dashboards to get a pulse on on the health of your business, how to identify your best customers, and how to acquire more of them.


Rick Silvestrini, VP of Marketing, Hired

Rick Silvestrini loves leading teams, building brands, and driving revenue. He currently serves as VP of Marketing at Hired, who are on a mission to take the pain out of the job search and help everyone get a job they love.

Before Hired, he was the Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer for ROBLOX, a UGC video game company. Rick’s teams at ROBLOX doubled advertising revenue and launched ROBLOX for XBox, which debuted at #1 in the XBox store. Before that Rick served as the VP of Marketing at CreativeLive, a VC-backed education company where he helped the company grow from 11 to over 100 employees. He also worked at YouTube, where he built a global product marketing team supporting YouTube’s ad products in over 20 countries. He began his career on Madison Avenue, with notable stops at McCann Erickson and Grey Worldwide.

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