Fast Track Your Startup Fundraising with J.D. Davids, Managing Director, SmartMoney Startups

2018-05-10T14:50:50-07:00 March 29th, 2018|Financing Your Business, Podcasts, Resources, Sales and Business Expansion|

Stop wasting valuable time using the shotgun approach to fundraising. Learn a methodical, step-by-step campaign roadmap that has produced exits 75% of the time. J.D. Davids will show you the exact process that he used to generate billion dollar results while serving on the management teams of 8 startup companies.

JD will teach you:

  • Methods to build a target list of investors that understand your business and bring more than just cash to the table.
  • How to get warm introductions to high quality investors.
  • How to become the “deal to get”

If you want to accelerate fundraising for your startup, this podcast will catapult you forward!

J.D. Davids, Managing Director, SmartMoney Startups

J.D. is one of the most accomplished startup dealmakers in the world. J.D. has served on the management teams of 8 VC backed startups and 3 of those companies completed successful IPOs and 3 of them were acquired by large corporations. He has completed well over $1 Billion in financial transactions over the last 25 years.

In a market where the success rate for startup companies is less than 15%, J.D.’s success rate of 75% places him squarely into an elite class of startup dealmakers that apparently have the Midas touch.

J.D. currently serves as Managing Partner of SmartMoney Startups, where he has dedicated his career to being a “ Sherpa” to help thousands of entrepreneurs raise money, build great companies, and close exit events that generate huge financial and impactful returns. As a Startup Sherpa, J.D. and his team deliver a unique combination of workshops, best practice templates and group coaching events both live and online, and 70% have successfully raised money. Companies that work closely with J.D. experience a transformation from being merely good entrepreneurs into some of the most savvy strategic dealmakers in the startup ecosystem today.

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