Four User Research Methods with Marianne Berkovich

2017-11-21T22:05:34-08:00 February 28th, 2017|Developing a Product/Service, Podcasts|

Many startups struggle getting in front of users and receiving honest feedback. Or they get in front of users but aren’t sure how or what to ask. Having a deep understanding of your users’ problem is paramount for nailing product market fit, so if you’re looking to uncover the best practices as you conduct user research, this course is for you!

During Marianne’s podcast, we’ll cover four main user research methods that a team would need to use at all stages of the product development lifecycle to answer these questions:

  • What should we build?
  • How should we build it?
  • Did we build it right?

Don’t be that startup that does more building than listening to users early on, learn from an expert and fine tune your offerings!

Marianne Berkovitch, Head of User Research + Consumer Insights at Glooko - super faculty, NASDAQ

Speaker: Marianne Berkovich, User Research Consultant, Founder+Co.

Marianne Berkovich has a deep expertise in user experience research – uncovering people’s needs where technology is the solution. Over the past 13 years Marianne has helped teams at Google and Adobe understand their users’ needs in order to build great products. She has also equipped dozens of entrepreneurs with the know-how to understand their users’ needs.


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