How to Pitch Investors, Grow Teams & ‘Best-Friend’ Your Customers with Caitlin Roberson, Director of Enterprise Marketing at Lyft

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Join Caitlin Roberson, Director of Enterprise Marketing at Lyft to Learn How to Pitch Investors, Grow Teams & ‘Best-Friend’ Your Customers

Entrepreneurs don’t start companies because it’s good for anxiety. They do it because they believe in something, often for powerful & deeply personal reasons. Their vision inspires the best talent to swap golden handcuffs for startups no one’s heard of & VCs to invest millions in single ideas.

Then, VCs say no.
Star performers leave.
Partners under-deliver.
Customers churn.

Such events often indicate entrepreneurs aren’t yet storytelling like the badasses they are.

This recording will help you distill & integrate your personal ‘why’ into company branding, messaging, and positioning—and practice a proven storytelling framework that inspires humans wired for purpose, in ways that scale with the company.

This recording will cover:

  • How to distill your personal purpose into 3 core company values, mission/vision statements, and a tagline
  • How to design an ‘umbrella narrative’ that reflects the above (often called category creation)
  • How to teach your team to consistently share the same inspired story



Caitlin Roberson is Director of Enterprise Marketing at Lyft Business. Her team oversees brand, messaging, content, customer marketing, demand generation, and sales enablement.

Previously, Caitlin was a partner on Andreessen Horowitz’s market development team. She ran a16z’s GTM events program, advised the portfolio, and helped define the Executive Briefing Center’s strategic narrative, which engages global C-Level decision makers.

Before that, Caitlin built Skyword’s west coast office/operations & B2B tech vertical via acquihire of her first content marketing agency, which served 25 SaaS clients and employed 15 contractors. As VP of Sales, West, she led storytelling workshops & brought critical perspectives to the Product Board. Before that, Caitlin served in Comms/PR/Exec Director roles at a nonprofit that trained doctors in 17 countries, one thousand educators, and helped 126M ppl gain insurance coverage for cochlear implants for the first time.



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