Mastering Presentations with Jared Dickinson

2017-11-21T22:06:52-08:00 February 15th, 2017|Financing Your Business, Podcasts, Sales and Business Expansion|

The single most important skill in business is the ability to communicate effectively. Time, energy, money, and productivity are lost every day because presentation attendees, clients, and employees are struggling to get the relevant, useful information they need.

This podcast session is designed for any businessperson who wants to differentiate themselves and achieve more consistent results in their formal and informal presentations. We will explore communication styles and how they enhance or take away from one’s effectiveness.

Attendees to this session had the opportunity to engage in fun, interactive exercises to empower them to feel more aware, concise, clear and confident in how they are communicating.

Topics include:

  • Behaviors that better project confidence
  • Tools that can help you be more clear, concise and relevant to listeners
  • A simple model to follow when handling difficult interactions and conversations

Jared Dickinson, Business Communication TrainerSpeaker: Jared Dickinson, Business Communication Trainer

Jared Dickinson made a transition into business communication coaching following job opportunities in Japan and Italy, and after over a decade of leading and managing successful operation and sales teams within the technology industry.

For the previous five years Jared worked with Robert Half International, the largest specialized staffing firm in the world where he was the Division Director of their IT consulting service group responsible for the company’s largest accounts.


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