Rock Your Strategic Model with Maaike Doyer, CFO and Business Designer, Business Models Inc

Insights into the Business Modeling Method as a Tool for Analysis and Innovation

New Tools for Strategy and Innovation

We live in a time where little is predictable. Organizations must continuously innovate their business model in order to stay profitable. We need new skills, tools and a new mindset. Managers have to think as designers, use visual tools, make future scenarios, generate different options, innovate like a startup and make and test prototypes. During this recording, you will not only work with the Business Model Canvas, but also with other visual tools for Business Model Innovation, such as the Vision Canvas, Context Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas.

The Business Model Innovation Process

Maaike Doyer takes you through the Business Model Innovation Process. Focusing on different innovative business models – from startups to corporates in different industries – she inspires you to innovate your own business model. Besides that, you get insights in visualization techniques for business modeling.


Maaike Doyer, Global CFO and Strategy Designer at Business Models Inc., supports organizations with strategy, innovation, new business model design and validation. Maaike is an expert in business design, design thinking and strategic visioning. She runs global projects, with a focus on Europe and the US. Maaike is very pragmatic and has a startup mindset.

Maaike has extensive experience in strategy development, organizational (re)design, integration & transformation projects, mainly for multinational organizations. She has extensive experience in the Technology Sector and Financial Services Industry, Sustainability and Marketing. Maaike is a regular speaker on management and innovation events, delivering keynote speeches and workshops about ‘Business Model Innovation’, ‘Designing your Future Business’, ‘Innovate like a Startup’ and ‘Think as a Designer: New Tools, New Skills, New Mindset’. She teaches at universities and MBAs and is mentor of Startup Bootcamp.

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