Successful Connections in the New Global Era with Michael Landers

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People, money, and information are flowing faster than ever across international borders, putting us all just one step away from a culture crash—that moment when you unintentionally confuse, frustrate, or offend someone from another culture. The good news is that culture crashes can often be avoided simply by becoming aware of your own cultural “baggage.”  In his book, Michael Landers guides you on a journey around the globe and deep into your own mind to explore how cultural programming shapes our perceptions and behaviors in countless ways.  You’ll learn to sidestep the knee-jerk reactions that can get you into trouble and develop the agility to adjust your actions and expectations as needed. Through a mix of instructive stories, valuable insights, and eye-opening self-assessments, Culture Crossing offers an essential primer for improving all your interactions with people from any background. 

Join us for this interactive and entertaining podcast that will help you develop critical communication and leadership skills for working and living in our increasingly multicultural communities.

Michael LandersSpeaker: Michael Landers

Over the past 15 years, Michael has designed and facilitated programs for global executives and managers to help them build essential skills in arenas such as cross-cultural communication, leadership, team building, sustaining employee engagement, diversity and inclusion, and international recruiting and staffing. He has conducted business in over 35 countries, including the creation of a cross-cultural consultancy in Japan, staffing a global advertising conglomerate throughout Europe, and leading various successful business development initiatives in Latin America, among other international endeavors.

Michael’s collective experiences have left him with a unique understanding of the challenges that professionals often face while working within multicultural communities and building relationships across international borders. Whether facilitating large groups or conducting private coaching sessions, Michael utilizes the same insightful, lively, and thorough approach that underscores his passion for improving cultural awareness and understanding.

Although American, Michael was raised in countries throughout Latin America. He returned to the U.S. to receive a B.A in International Business from the University of Miami, followed by a Masters degree in Cross-cultural Studies from Lesley College. Fluent in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, proficient in Japanese and Italian, Michael’s language skills enable him to establish strong and sustained connections with many of his clients. He also shares his expertise with others through lectures and speaking engagements at schools, universities, and other institutions around the globe.


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