How to Raise Money and Scale Fast Using Crowdfunding with Andrew Thomas, Co-founder of SkyBell

A $600,000 crowdfunding campaign in 2013 has helped Andrew Thomas grow SkyBell into a 9-figure business in 3 years without taking a dime from a VC. This podcast will give you the true factors that lead to a successful crowdfunding campaign and how to scale your business after. Whether B2C or B2B, you will learn how to grow fast. It will also highlight how you can use crowdfunding to launch a real business – not just earn you 15 minutes of fame. Andrew is a candid speaker, and is passionate about giving real advice, blunt advice. Even if you’re not crowdfunding, Andrew’s advice on scaling, product development and mindset will empower you to the success you desire. Andrew is an entrepreneur, speaker and advisor. He recently spoke to entrepreneurs at Stanford and also contributes to Inc, Forbes and The Huffington Post.


Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas is co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer of SkyBell, an Internet of Things company that created the smart video doorbell. Entrepreneur magazine called him one of the “Top Entrepreneurs in IoT”. Andrew helped start SkyBell with a $600,000 Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign and has generated tens of millions in revenue with large B2B deals and consumer sales. Andrew is a contributing writer to and The Huffington Post, covering topics including startups, revenue, IoT and crowdfunding. He has been interviewed on national TV, podcasts and in print. Twitter: @andrewthomas – Instagram: OptimalFounder.

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