How Not to Name Your Startup with Alexandra Watkins

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Your startup name will last longer and get used more often than any other investment you make in your business. Don’t get stuck with a name that looks like the result of a drunken game of Scrabble.

In this entertaining, engaging and enlightening presentation, brand name expert and best-selling author Alexandra Watkins will explain how to avoid common naming pitfalls, access free brainstorming tools, and avoid domain name hell. Packed with amusing true stories of the good, the bad and the ugly, you’ll discover the secrets to having a startup name that makes people smile instead of scratch their head. Her hilarious examples include the good, the bad, and the so bad she gave them an award. Alexandra Watkins is not afraid to name names.

Whether you’re naming a new startup, considering renaming the one you have, or just want to be entertained for the evening, this is a podcast you don’t want to miss.

Speaker: Alexandra Watkins

Alexandra Watkins, Author of the #1 bestseller, “Hello, My Name is Awesome… How to Create Brand Names That Stick”Author of the #1 bestseller, “Hello, My Name is Awesome… How to Create Brand Names That Stick” (an Inc. Magazine Top 10 Marketing Book), brand name expert Alexandra Watkins is a leading and outspoken authority on brand names with buzz. Her San Francisco naming firm, Eat My Words, works with startups from every vertical and responsible creating for countless brand names including Smitten ice cream, Neato Robotics, Mac ‘n Cheetos, Spoon Me frozen yogurt, Gomentum Station, Gringo Lingo, the Church of Cupcakes, LiveHive, Argyle Data, Hyphenate, Parachute, Altimeter Group, Dishcraft Robotics, Grail Magazine, Hand Job nail spa and Garden Society cannabis edibles. Her clients include Google, Amazon, Disney, Frito-Lay, Clif Bar, Adobe, Kellogg’s, Microsoft and MIT.


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