Lean Learning: Applied Product Research with Dave Hora

2018-03-27T17:02:44-07:00 May 10th, 2017|Business Planning/Strategy, Developing a Product/Service, Podcasts|

During this podcast session, Dave will highlight the applied research mindset: how to think about what you need to learn from users and customers, and how to uncover it with just enough research. He will take a deep dive into developing ideas into prototypes, and learn how to run successful concept and prototype tests with real users.

Listeners will learn:

  • The Applied mindset: how to think about learning for product development
  • Research skills: how to interview users
  • Research mechanics: how to run (concept, prototype) tests

Dave Hora, User Research team lead at PlanGridSpeaker: Dave Hora

Dave leads the User Research team at PlanGrid, a platform for construction field work collaboration. Previously he started the User Research program at Instacart, and has worked with small startups and large enterprises as a consulting UX designer and researcher. Dave’s focus is on smart, strategic learning: minimum viable research for maximum product impact.


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