It’s Easier Than Ever to Start a Company And What It Means For Founders with Hiten Shah

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It’s Easier Than Ever to Start a Company And What It Means For Founders with Hiten Shah

Hiten shares the key lessons he learned advising hundreds of founders and starting and growing his own businesses. You’ll walk away with new ways of thinking about the hardest challenges and biggest opportunities in your business. It’s easier than ever to start a company but growing one is an entirely different story. Hiten will highlight what founders should focus on, no matter what business they are in or stage they are at. Business problems are much easier than you think to understand and solve, so join Hiten in an interactive discussion on how he approaches building and growing businesses.






Hiten Shah

Hiten Shah is the co-founder of Quick Sprout, KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg and Advantage Consulting Services. Since 2003, he’s been creating and growing both self-funded and venture backed SaaS and Marketing businesses. In his co-founder role at Advantage Consulting Services, Hiten implemented groundbreaking marketing strategies for Fortune 500 companies and startups alike. As an advisor, investor and/or service provider, he has played an instrumental role in supporting hundreds of companies with marketing, product and growth initiatives. In 2010, Hiten helped coin the term ‘growth hacker’ which has come to define the evolving role of marketing. He is a highly sought after mentor and advisor to entrepreneurs and their companies (he is known as the ‘nicest guy in Silicon Valley’).





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