Meet the Entrepreneurs In Our Winter 2024 Milestone Makers Cohort

The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center is thrilled to have these incredible entrepreneurs in our Winter 2024 Milestone Makers cohort, all working on companies focused on UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Winter 2024 cohort supports entrepreneurs focused on Quality Education for All (#4) Decent Work and Economic Growth (#8) and Gender equality (#5).

Milestone Makers is the Center’s flagship program, providing individualized mentorship and executive coaching and access to the Center’s vast network of industry experts to help each founder with his or her milestone. Entrepreneurs in the Winter 2024 were hand-selected after a competitive application process, and all hope to improve the lives of and support communities across the globe.

Find out more about the Milestone Makers program here.

Applications for the Spring 2024 cohort are now open. This cohort supports entrepreneurs focused on Responsible Consumption and Production (#12) Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure (#9), and Sustainable Cities and Communities (#11).



Clementina Aina
6C’s Skills Exchange (HAVEN)
United Kingdom and Nigeria

MILESTONE: Develop pricing strategy for a revenue-generating model to align with my business plan

Haven provides women with equal access to working capital by helping them digitize their paperwork to access funds to grow

Warren Noubi
USA, Cameroon

MILESTONE: Validate pricing strategy

Leveraging cutting-edge AI, Coursect personalizes education for grades 8-12 through interactive resources, adaptive assessments, and engaging exercises. Our platform fosters personalized learning paths, empowering students to explore and conquer subjects at their own pace. Committed to breaking down barriers to quality education, Coursect is driven by a global perspective, ensuring accessibility across borders.



Samerial Johns
PUG ai
Software / CareerTech

MILESTONE: Optimize business model and pricing structure to ensure sustainable revenue streams.

PUG ai is a career management software using AI tools and digital humans to help individuals upskill and land career opportunities.

Jane Muinde
Center for Mentorship and Counselling
Talent Marketplace

MILESTONE: Optimize our funding strategy to scale our current impact effect by 5X

At the Center for Mentorship and Counselling, our Vision is a world where every girl is resilient, empowered, and free from sexual violence. We champion a society that rejects silence and stigma, guiding a path toward healing, resilience, and a brighter future. Together, we foster strength and mentorship, breaking the cycle of trauma and ensuring every girl is heard, respected, and empowered.



Mona Lisa Morris
Higher Learning Hub
Ed Fintech

MILESTONE: Develop a scalable and systematic channel distribution strategy, directly driving market growth and aligning with key revenue targets.

Higher Learning Hub specializes in financial advisory services for achieving a debt-free education, blending innovative fintech solutions with educational expertise. Founded with a commitment to combat the student loan crisis, we empower families with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the challenges of higher education. By integrating smart financial solutions with accessible technology, Higher Learning Hub is dedicated to transforming the landscape of education funding. Our approach makes the dream of a debt-free education a reality for all, leveraging fintech’s power to demystify and simplify funding for diverse learning paths, including trades and various career journeys.

Abby Coyle

MILESTONE: Optimize our GTM to inform and refine our roadmap to profitability

ClassEquity is on a mission to build a truly financially literate generation by giving students practical, real-world financial experiences before life makes them mandatory.

The ClassEquity platform uses positive reinforcement frameworks to teach financial literacy through hands-on experience. Students earn and manage classroom dollars, gain first-hand banking experience, and take charge of their learning and decision-making. We are supporting over 100k+ students in schools that want to put purpose behind their behavior management system and prepare students with critical 21st-century skills.

We believe that every student, regardless of their starting point or zip code, should graduate with the skillset needed to achieve financial independence and success.



Subha Vadlamannati
Linguistics Justice League

MILESTONE: Develop financial model to support new product rollout

Linguistics Justice League (LJL) is dedicated to supporting speakers of marginalized languages. Using advanced technology, we create bilingual educational content, and host language advocacy programs. Through culturally relevant content, we empower individuals and communities, fostering diversity thereby preserving culture and languages.

Jody Madala

MILESTONE: Optimize our value proposition to inform product roadmap and channel growth

Culturora automates employee networking to accelerate internal knowledge discovery and transfer.

Backed by Carnegie Mellon University and Amazon Web Services, our automated and facilitated conversations amongst employees swiftly de-silos in-house knowledge, leading to quicker problem-solving and decision-making.

With faster knowledge sharing among their workforce, companies save time and increase work output, resulting in greater productivity.



Dr. Charity Ezenwa-Onuaku

MILESTONE: Optimize user-acquisition growth to scale our impact

WealthyGen is empowering people to gain control of their finances, achieve financial well-being, and build generational wealth with a mobile app to gain financial education, track finances, save money, and reach their financial goals.

Tongayi Choto

MILESTONE: Develop scalable enterprise sales pipeline

AfriBlocks is a Pan-African freelance tech and design talent marketplace that helps top, vetted freelance professionals to provide remote services to clients across the world.

Backed by Techstars and Google, AfriBlocks equips users with a talent platform that streamlines the process of connecting with top African freelancers. Making it easier to find, vet, hire, and pay talent from the continent.

This platform aims to empower African freelancers while meeting the global demand for reliable and cost-effective talent.



Chioma Ukpabi
Skill Up With Kahdsole (SUWK)
Social Tech

MILESTONE: Refine go-to-market strategy to finalize and launch SUWK 2.0 platform

Skill Up With Kahdsole (SUWK) is a pioneering social-tech startup using an integrated skilling-to-market platform model to economically empower marginalized African youths facing systemic barriers like poverty, lack of access and societal inequality.

Our innovation is providing underserved Nigerian youths with specialized technical/vocational and digital skills training mapped to in-demand roles, along with formal certifications by accredited partners. But crucially we connect them to income opportunities on our proprietary online marketplace platform. This allows beneficiaries to offer services directly to vetted customers ranging from Nigeria corporations to global small business owners and individual consumers.

Adeola Ajani, MBA
Fem Equity
Future of the Workplace

MILESTONE: Develop a replicable and scalable sales playbook/framework for me and my team to hit 2024 revenue goals resulting in optimal growth

Fem Equity is an HR tech platform that creates solutions for women and underrepresented professionals going through pay or professional gaps in real-time. We are a double-sided platform that provides these solutions for our women and minority professionals and provides organizations access to a highly qualified diverse pool of young women and minority professionals. The data showcases insights that source the disparities to employers as to why they should be aware to make changes to compensation.



Learn more about the Milestone Makers program here.

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