The 7 Podcasts That Should Be On Every Entrepreneur’s Radar

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1. The MWF Motivation Podcast
Rob Dial is obsessed with personal growth and success and his motivational podcast is the equivalent of an espresso shot in a cup of coffee, targeted, positive, and energizing. It’s upbeat, it’s real, and its general nature (everyone needs motivation) spans vocations and applications — anyone will find it incredibly helpful and motivating.

2. The Prehype Podcast
Prehype is a venture development firm, which co-creates startups with the world’s finest corporations and entrepreneurs — their podcast goes long and digs deep into different disruptive use cases that span industries and markets. Their line up of guests is top notch, filled with awe-inspiring founders and developers of apps and services you’ve definitely used.

3. The Lean Startup Podcast
Mark Graban is obsessed with spreading the message of lean to all organizations.  What is lean?“ It’s a set of management practices based on the Toyota Production System (TPS) but it was coined by a group of MIT researchers who wrote the book The Machine That Changed the World. Listening to his podcast is a crash course in ultra efficiency and perfect for anyone who wants to directly improve morale, output, cost, quality and more.

4. Product People Podcast
Even if you aren’t a product designer, everyone appreciates experiencing a frictionless product or service. If you’re “everyone” — you can definitely appreciate the unique perspective of Justin Jackson, a product person, and his interviews with the likes of Jason Fried, Hiten Shah, and Rob Wallingget — they get down to brass tacks on how to build a seamless product or user experience.

5. Startup Grind Podcast
Derek Andersen started interviewing in 2010 and now has under his belt, interviews with over 1000 founders who’ve proved their medal in one way or another. The content created from the series of events put together by Startup Grind is considered foundational regardless of what your startup’s focus might be.

6. Entrepreneur On Fire
In 2013, it was voted as one of the top podcasts according to Apple iTunes, and with good reason. John Leed Dumas cuts to the chase, asking his guests to start by sharing their greatest failure. It’s a humbling, inspiring and motivating look through the lens of some of the greatest game changers.

7. The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center 
A touchstone among aspiring and successful entrepreneurs, the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center is committed to giving a wealth of resources (talks, courses, workshops, live events and more) for free. Attracting heavy hitters from the startup and venture capital world as guest speakers, it’s a no-brainer-must from which to take advantage.

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