Meet the Entrepreneurs In Our Spring 2020 Milestone Makers Cohort

The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center is thrilled to have the following entrepreneurs in its Spring 2020 Milestone Makers cohort. Milestone Makers is the Center’s flagship program, providing individualized mentorship and executive coaching, as well as access to the Center’s vast network of industry experts to help each founder with his or her milestone. Entrepreneurs in the Spring 2020 cohort were hand selected after a competitive application process.

Find out more about the Milestone Makers program here. Our next Milestone Makers cohort begins May 19th and is focused on supporting early stage entrepreneurs focused on finding solutions related to COVID-19. If you would like to apply or know someone who should, do so before May 7th.

Ali El Idrissi


“UpChoose is a mission-driven consumer tech platform working to accelerate the transition to sustainable consumption. We design smarter consumption services that radically simplify shopping at key life moments and we start at the beginning: birth. Our first release is a smart baby clothing service helping new parents rent or buy high-quality new or secondhand organic clothing at a fraction of the price”


Angel Rich


“WealthyLife designs financial literacy education technology games, curriculum, and fintech products. WealthyLife has been named the best financial literacy product by The White House, Department of Education, and JP Morgan Chase. It has been adopted into the Department of Education Family Engagement Policies. Research studies have been conducted by the Charter School Development Corporation, Department of Insurance, Securities, and Banking, Mastercard, and others, finding financial literacy rates increase by 42% after 12 weeks, 25% after an hour.  


Cameron Graham


“Storii provides Resident Engagement and Family Connectivity software to senior care providers, with an emphasis on simplicity, visual design and ease-of-use. Their software connects families to their loved ones in care around the world, whilst enabling staff to record their day to day tasks quicker than ever, saving time to spend with residents.”



Daniel Lee

Kokomo Solutions, Inc.

“Kokomo is a SaaS product company with a modern public safety platform called Kokomo24/7® Safety Cloud™. It consists of three patent-pending AI-based solutions, i.e. Anonymous Tip-line System (ARS), Bullying & Mental Health Incident Management and Prevention System (IMS), and Emergency Responder Management System (EOC). Recently it re-purposed the SafetyCloud™ to launch COVID19Tracker™and currently offers it FREE to any public entities such as schools, police departments, towns, counties, and healthcare systems.”


Eunice Cofie-Obeng


Nuekie creates innovative health and beauty products for people of color. We use our proficiency in combining traditional African medicine and modern science to develop products to meet the needs of people of color.



Jessica Corbin


“REVITA5 is a team management platform that increases performance and prevents burnout. In just 1-min a day you can see where your entire workforce is at on the spectrum of stress and ways to manage your human capital to reduce cost.”



Miguel Verduzco


“Pea-poll is a people analytics and employee engagement platform to embrace collaboration in the workplace. By using behavioral science and technology we help HR-Rockstars increase productivity and motivation of their teams.”



SaLisa Berrien

COI Energy Inc.

“COI Energy is the first technology company that connects buildings and electric grids on-demand to drive efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. Its comprehensive platform is designed to make you money on your energy assets. Providing earnings you can count on.



Shakira Niazi

Zen Basil

“Zen Basil is first to market with the most nutritious, edible organic basil seeds. For thousands of years, this superfood has been revered for its health promoting properties, which is high in fiber minerals prebiotic antioxidants anti-Inflammatory and collagen. I started Zen Basil with my son to bring this beloved superfood from far east to the west, because when we share our healthy options, we are actually bridging our worlds for the better.”


Susan Dworak

Real Identities

“The damage caused by fake IDs is swift and deep, and often security is left in the hands of untrained front-line staff and delivery personnel where turnover is high, creating a constant and recurring need for training. Real Identities saves lives and livelihoods by training people to quickly spot fake IDs. Using the ID.TRAINING app, people who check ID have 24/7 access to the information they need to spot fake IDs to protect themselves, their companies, and their communities. ID.TRAINING is the new industry standard and legal standard in identification training. No other company focuses on fake IDs or ID training at this depth or level of detail and no other ID training resource is as clear, current, and correct – or as effective.”


Tina Hay

Napkin Finance

“Napkin Finance is a financial education platform that aims to empower readers by simplifying money and finance. Through infographics, videos, and other multimedia, we break down financial concepts with easy-to-understand visual explanations. The company grew from our observation that many people are visual learners and our belief that anyone can learn when you show, rather than tell. Our aim is to help everyone, of all ages and education levels, take control of their finances.”


Tracy Mendoza


“Declare is a beacon of clarity and transparency on the complex pathway towards degree completion. We alleviate the pressures of University Advisors while increasing Student Outcomes.”



Brian Isaac


“Think what a different world it would be if you had access to video conference calling, screen sharing, file storage, file sharing, contacts, instant message, group conversations, email, calendar and forum posts all in a single browser tab. COVID19 is highlighting the need for an open, yet secure, collaboration environment with an embedded privately built video and webinar platform. Handzin is the first platform specifically designed for federated collaboration, allowing people from multiple organizations to work together and share seamlessly in a secure environment.”


 Find out more about the Milestone Makers program here.

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