Meet Our Milestone Maker Coaches — They Help Leaders Develop These Superpowers

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At the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, we are passionate about grooming and guiding a diverse base of future global leaders of tomorrow, shifting the collective mindset of innovators everywhere to be their best, whole, selves. We believe that change happens most often under individualized mentorship and coaching and always through the help of incredible thought leaders, such as our team of coaches in our summer 2018 Milestone Maker program. We asked each of our coaches what’s the superpower they are especially adept at helping leadership discover and develop.

Coaches —
What’s the superpower you help founders and leaders develop?

Shuchi Rana
Partner and Co-Founder
America Innovates

“I help people realize their potential and get out of their own way.” —Shuchi Rana

“As a result of coaching, we execute a personalized framework of a scalable, repeatable, and sustainable growth — and that’s powerful.” —Bálint Vojnits

Bálint Vojnits
Director of Market Development – Europe
GrowthX  Academy


Serena Hsinkai Chang
High Performance Executive Coach
Supercharge You

“I help entrepreneurs to become the best version of themselves by finding ways to supercharge their clarity, energy, productivity, psychology, influence, necessity, and purpose.” —Serena Hsinkai Chang

“I don’t think of superpowers when I coach; every superpower has its kryptonite and any strength carried to an extreme becomes a weakness. I think of helping people find their edges and escape the barriers that keep them from expanding what’s possible for them, so they can create the future they want and become the kind of leader they want to be.” — Robert Ellis

Robert Ellis
Executive Coach

Jamie Greenwood
Jamie Living

“Alignment, clarity and self-trust.”
— Jamie Greenwood

“Helping you understand your aspirations and vision so that you can move towards them with more clarity.”
— Saya Iwasaki

Saya Iwasaki
Executive Coach
Saya Iwasaki Consulting
Svetlana Saitsky
This is It Enterprises

“I help others develop their superpower of storytelling. The stories that they tell themselves about themselves, as well as the stories they tell the world about themselves. I believe that through powerful storytelling, everything is possible.”
—Svetlana Saitsky

“I ask people to go on a journey with me to see how they can access everything they need inside themselves in this present moment. We start with a metaphor that we all live in a huge mansion and we tend to confine ourselves and our life and work to one room. Let’s take the time to explore the rest of our mansion!”

— Steve Leibman

Steve Leibman
Business and Organizational Effectiveness Coach/Consultant
Bridging the Gaps
Allison Roeser
Founder & Life Coach
Allison Roeser Coaching

“The superpower of discernment: to put one’s inner wisdom into action CONSISTENTLY!”
—Allison Roeser

“I help my clients unleash their inner ‘Self-Advocate.’ Releasing ourselves from the burden of expectation and assumption, and instead, stepping into a bold and candid communication of our needs takes us to a new level of personal freedom and growth (and powerful results!).” — Megan Connor Sullivan

Megan Connor Sullivan
Knock LLC



Milestone Makers is a prestigious 12-week program designed to help founders set and hit their next critical company milestone. Carefully selected entrepreneurs to receive individualized mentoring, training, and resources all at no cost.

Launched in 2016, Milestone Makers is a program that selects a small cohort of entrepreneurs to receive individualized business mentoring, coaching, training, and resources. The goal is to help entrepreneurs set, hit, and celebrate milestones critical to company growth.

Entrepreneurs apply to take part in this 12-week program. Upon acceptance, participants are matched with executive coaches and mentors who are leaders in their industry and given access to customized resources that meet each founder’s needs. The program also provides media and PR opportunities.

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