Center Advisory Board Members Pay It Forward to Entrepreneurs Everywhere

The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center ‘Pays It Forward’ with exclusive advice for founders and startups from experts and leaders of its Center Advisory Board (CAB). These leaders are shifting the conversation of entrepreneurship and offering invaluable advice from within their respective fields of expertise.

Our Center Advisory Board members were challenged to create original content in the form of video interviews, blog posts, podcasts, and even educational workshops, all designed for the Nasdaq Center’s audience of founders and leaders.  Take a peek at the below to see them all. 

Watch The Breakthrough with CAB member, Roburta Burroughs and special guest Marlon Christopher Nichols, Managing Director and co-founder of Cross Culture Ventures. The Breakthrough is a segment focusing on Entrepreneurs we don’t always see, their struggles and how they achieve their success.

Arjita Sethi is a serial entrepreneur and currently the co-founder of Equally that is making
Augmented Reality experiences for kids to make them move and explore the real world with their friends. In her blog piece, 5 Ways to Fundraise that are not VC, she shows entrepreneurs the many options they have when looking for investment to scale.

Cliff Worley is an expert who’s tested hundreds of digital marketing tools over the past five years. In this blog post, He cuts through the noise and shares with founders and startups the key tools for upleveling their digital marketing in 2019.

Taylor Rowe is a behavioral scientist fascinated with how companies engage with consumers and how brands are built. She conducted an interview with the Co-Founder of Modern Fertility, Carly Leahy, a female entrepreneur who has lead marketing and branding efforts at Google and Ubereats herself.

Watch Lifting As We Climb with Mike T. Brown from Win-Win — it’s a mini-series designed to help improve the founder journey for minority entrepreneurs, and other underestimated founders, by openly sharing the struggles we face throughout that journey, but more importantly, providing practical tips and insights on how to overcome. This episode features Diishan Imira founder of MayvennHair and Kristina Bingham Jones, co-founder of



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