Internmatch Spring 2021

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We at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center believe entrepreneurs are trailblazers and changemakers with the ability to solve some of our world’s toughest problems. In turn, they play a critical role in strengthening the economy and create valuable services for our society.

The journey of an entrepreneur is full of challenges. We hear consistently from our large community of founders at the Center how critical yet difficult it is to find the right employees! We believe students participating in a wide array of entrepreneurial programs provide a unique talent pool for talent hungry startups. The Internmatch program seeks to work with a sample student base and build a system that translates knowledge and valuable EQ skills into internship opportunities with a group of select startups. And in doing so, startups are exposed to a new, high quality talent pool to compliment more traditional recruitment strategies.

Finding, hiring, retaining top talent is critical to the success of any organization. You get it right, it’s exponential growth – critical for early stage startups.

This is our 4th cohort of the program where we matched three talented community college students with three early-stage companies. Through a 10-week project-based internship, students developed their entrepreneurial mindsets and skillsets. The companies receive the benefit of these talented students, their fresh perspectives, willingness to roll-up their sleeves and work hard, and their ability to add value to these organizations. In turn, we hope the startups learned more on how to integrate students into their organizations and leverage this special source of talent as they continue to grow.

We are thrilled to congratulate these students for completing the program! We also look to thank these impressive startups – En-Noble, Nevap – for your unwavering commitments to these students. Thank you again for celebrating these talented students with us.


Kenneth Fields II
San Diego Continuing College of Education

Prathibaa Muthusamy
San Diego Continuing College of Education

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Anna Malykh
San Diego Continuing College of Education

Internmatch is a hands-on training and internship program, in partnership with California Community Colleges, wherein students develop entrepreneurial skills, with wraparound educational support, faculty mentorship, through internships at early stage companies.

If you are interested in hosting student interns or learning more, please take a moment to complete this form.

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