Faces of Entrepreneurship: Jesse Taylor, Kid Link

Jesse Taylor is the founder of Kid Link, a company that developing a children’s reading and learning app to help parents and loved ones stay connected to their child’s learning ecosystem regardless of location using an interactive video call and screen sharing service for collaboration. Kid Link offers an in-app library of children’s eBooks sparking kids’ imagination.


What does “entrepreneurship” mean to you?
Jesse Taylor: Entrepreneurship to me means that you have the will to trying something that will build a legacy for you and your family.

Tell us about your first experience with entrepreneurship.
JT: My first experience with entrepreneurship started when I played Lemonade stand when I was a child. The fact you had to adjust your product based off the weather for the day along with pricing.

What is your company’s origin story? What is the biggest reason you started your business? What did those early days look like and teach you?
JT: The origin of Kid Link started in 2019 when I moved from Detroit to Dallas. When I made the move, I didn’t think how hard it would be to stay a part my child learning experience. (Reading, helping w/homework and fun activities). When I did research to see what was out there was nothing for my inconvenience, so I built my own platform.

What do you wish you knew when you started? Is there anything you would do differently?
JT: I had a solid understanding of the Startup Ecosystem because of my MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Would not change a thing.

What does “success” look like for you? We’d love to hear your biggest, boldest dream? What do you think will help you achieve it?
JT: Success for Kid link would be the impact of the app on people lives and how they maintain an educational relationship with their child.

What is your superpower as an entrepreneur? What is your proudest and darkest moment so far? Share a key high and a key low from your journey if you can
JT: My superpower as an entrepreneur would be able relationship management and creating the big vision. My proudest moment was seeing the app function from a beta standpoint. My lowest was having to let go of friends to move the business forward.

What are your personal driving principals, your top values?
JT: My personal driving principals are honesty, integrity, accountability and transparency.

How have your personal principles and values shaped your company’s values and principles? Give us some examples.
JT: Yes, it has in the way I have selected my team members.

What’s it like to work alone or with your partners?
JT: It’s fun to work with partners if we all share the same vision and buy in. However, holding everyone accountable can be challenging.

What are you reading or have read?
JT: Start with Why – Simon Sinek

Where do you go for inspiration?
JT: Think about all the people before who did not have this opportunity to start a business.

Do you have a favorite quote, mantra, or words of wisdom to get through the tough days?
JT: Control the controllable.

What is a problem that keeps you up at night?
JT: Where to get capital to help build the app.

How do you think about helping others through your work?
JT: The app will help families stay a part of their child learning experience, regardless of location.

What advice do you have for fellow (and aspiring) entrepreneurs building and leading teams?
JT: Keep pushing through and GRIT.

What kind of an entrepreneur do you want to be known as – as in, what do you want your legacy to be?
JT: I want to be known as a visionary. I want my legacy to be someone who saw a problem and built something that would help millions of families.

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