Meet the Entrepreneurs In Our Summer 2021 Milestone Makers Cohort

The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center is thrilled to have the following entrepreneurs in its Summer 2021 Milestone Makers cohort, all focused on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals #9 & #11 – Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure and Sustainable Cities & Communities.

Milestone Makers is the Center’s flagship program, providing individualized mentorship and executive coaching, as well as access to the Center’s vast network of industry experts to help each founder with his or her milestone. Entrepreneurs in the Summer 2021 were hand selected after a competitive application process, and all hope to improve the lives of and support communities across the globe.

Find out more about the Milestone Makers program here.



Aisha Raheem
Kenya & Nigeria

Farmz2U helps farmers farm better using data. We provide tailored agricultural expertise to increase the sustainability and profitability of farming operations. Also, using data, we increase farmers access to resources such as affordable loans for farm operations financing, high-quality inputs for production and buyers for commercial gain.

Anurag Kamal
ElectricFish Energy Inc.
United States

We turn gas stations into Extreme-fast EV charging stations with turnkey energy storage. Using data-based decisions to find the best pilot deployment sites, and with no need for electricity grid infrastructure upgrades, we accelerate the timeline of deployments by 6 times, accelerate ROI by 5-10 fold, and cut the charging time of EV’s by 3-7 times. We have a seamless way of building a distributed energy storage network- that can grow without disrupting any businesses.

Christy K. Sheehy
C. Light Technologies, Inc.
United States

C. Light Technologies is a neurotech and AI company that created a 10-second retinal eye-tracking test to map neurodegeneration and therapeutic efficacy. In just 10 seconds, C. Light can create an objective and non-invasive fingerprint of your neurological health.

Dave Rouse
New Zealand

CarbonClick empowers businesses and their customers to tackle climate change, by making carbon offsets simple, trustworthy and cost effective. Integrate our solution into your business with minimal effort, at a fraction of the time and cost otherwise possible.

Jebril Falali
United States

Zapclinica helps you provide telemedicine and automate decentralized clinical trials. From small medical practices in need of telehealth to large global healthcare companies conducting decentralized clinical trials across the globe.

Mark Fleming
Creator Nova
United States

Creator Nova is a B2B marketplace empowering entrepreneurial influencers to launch beauty brands. We consolidate all the steps in the product creation process into one platform. Our marketplace offers guidance in selecting products and services at every stage; from niche formulators, to curated manufacturers, to e-commerce packaging, and design experts. We guide brands step by step through the product creation process, matching suppliers to each brands specific needs.

Micah Gabriels
United States, Australia, New Zealand

Mooven is the construction tech platform built to help deliver world-changing infrastructure without the city-stopping disruption.

Remi Dada
Design MatchUp

Design Matchup is a product by Spacefinish, and we connect architects and builders to opportunities because we care about improving quality of life by providing people with beautiful spaces. The value we bring to our community of professionals goes beyond facilitating employment, we also provide tools to empower them to work more effectively and provide training to bridge the skill set gap in the industry.

Shalini Sharma
Sanshodhan An E-Waste Exchange Pvt Ltd

Sanshodhan’s innovation, “Sustainability Exchange” (digital standard and system) enables businesses to implement, track-monitor-manage their social-environmental-governance (ESG) impact. Sanshodhan offers a unique value proposition for businesses. It enables businesses to save 20-45% of the recurring cost, otherwise spent on mapping & managing policy compliance, stepping up for social development, mapping their Waste Footprint, Carbon Footprint and decision making, to plan ahead.

Tina Ruseva
Germany, Europe, and soon in Latin America

Mentessa is building an AI-driven collaboration platform that connects people at work based on skills. This enables organisations in the new world of work for decentralised organisational models (e.g. holacracy) – and transforms a workplace into a community. Our mission is to create paths for know-how exchange and diversity in the workforce for all generations, all ages, all backgrounds – because everyone deserves an opportunity to learn and develop in the workplace (see Our goal is to be the leading platform for agile organisations in the future of work.

This cohort was generously supported by Bank of the West BNP Paribas.


Find out more about the Milestone Makers program here.Do you have a unique perspective in your industry or field that you would like to share as a mentor? Apply to be a mentor for the Milestone Makers at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center and pay it forward by emailing 

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