Meet the Entrepreneurs In Our Summer 2020 Milestone Makers COVID-19 Solutions Cohort

The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center is thrilled to have the following entrepreneurs in its Summer 2020 Milestone Makers cohort. This cohort was dedicated to supporting early-stage founders working on COVID-19 solutions in healthcare, tech, education, food, and other fields. This Milestone Makers cohort is part of the broader COVID-19 Resiliency Resource commitment from the Center, which includes a responsive range of offerings available to all business owners during this unprecedented moment based on the needs raised directly to the Center by entrepreneurs.

Milestone Makers is the Center’s flagship program, providing individualized mentorship and executive coaching, as well as access to the Center’s vast network of industry experts to help each founder with his or her milestone. Entrepreneurs in the Summer 2020 cohort were hand selected after a competitive application process.

Find out more about the Milestone Makers program here. Our next Milestone Makers cohort begins September 1st. Stay tuned for application information.


Lisa Bolte

RealValue is an AI powered visual intelligence platform that measures and optimizes the human experience while respecting global data privacy sensitivities. To fight COVID-19, we have been deploying relevant solutions that help businesses maintain social distancing and hygiene protocols – Occupancy Counting, Mask Detection, Cardless Entry, all through CCTV cameras and Android powered kiosks. These Trust & Safety solutions boost employee and customer confidence and recently won the #EuVsVirus hackathon organized by the European Commission in the business continuity category.



Davy Chang
KiOS, Inc.

KiOS supercharges restaurant operations with technology designed to increase revenues, decrease costs, and maximize operational efficiencies. Our first product is a low-cost self-order kiosk, tightly integrated with the Square POS.





Sid Charkravarthy

StaTwig’s platform creates visibility and transparency in the supply chains by tagging the products with unique IDs and tracking them from start to finish and recording the transactions between various stakeholders on a blockchain ledger.
As our platform offers low cost per transaction and a wide range of plugins to integrate with existing supply chain management tools, we offer best value to our clients. StaTwig is a UNICEF Innovation Fund portfolio startup and we have validated our solution with large-scale supply chains for vaccines and food.



Ilana Devillers
F4A (Food4All)

Food4All decreases waste and increases access to quality food for everyone. F4A enables grocery retailers and consumers to make real-time, data-driven decisions to increase net margins for retailers while reducing food inequality across the world.





Katherine Grill

Neolth de-escalates stress and health crises by using neuroscience to determine the most effective behavioral care for students. Our digital platform offers personalized emotional support and continuous mental health monitoring, reducing the burden of high care demands on high school and university counseling centers.




Jeremy Goodwin

SyncFab connects essential business Manufacturing Buyers beyond the 1% to the 99% Supply Chain SME Suppliers in Medical, Aerospace and Automotive with Blockchain.
We are the future of Manufacturing ERP value added services software opening the Tier 1 closed procurement cycle to the tier agnostic suppliers bringing real-time capacity savings opportunities alongside full lifecycle parts traceability addressing billion dollar pain points from compliance to authentication to recall.
We believe tier agnostic locally inclusive Supply Chains are the most agile, responsive and sustainable representing the truest competitive advantage for modern advanced manufacturing.



Spencer Madsen

AccuBreath is developing the most versatile, ultraportable, low-cost ventilator on market for use by First Responders, and others to provide widespread respiratory support in the fight against COVID-19.





Peter Njongwe
Lapis Health

Lapis helps heart disease survivors to live healthy lives by reversing the effects and progression of heart disease through tiny healthy habits. Our solution is designed to fit the lifestyle, cultural, linguistic, literacy/numeracy, or other needs of minority, vulnerable and low-middle income populations.



Francesca Pinzone

Umbo is a social enterprise which supports families and communities to grow, thrive and connect through the delivery of quality online therapy. We deliver speech and occupational therapy services online, and work with children and families in rural, regional and metro areas. We are committed to our social purpose of reducing inequalities in healthcare access.




Benjamin Wang
NeVap Inc.

NeVap Inc is a commercial stage medical device company making infection control respiratory devices that improve invasive mechanical ventilation for patients, clinicians, and society.





 Find out more about the Milestone Makers program here.

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