Meet the Entrepreneurs In Our Spring 2021 Milestone Makers Cohort – Reducing Inequalities

The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center is thrilled to have the following entrepreneurs in its Spring 2021 Milestone Makers cohort, all focused on the UNs Sustainable Development Goal #10, Reduced Inequalities. Milestone Makers is the Center’s flagship program, providing individualized mentorship and executive coaching, as well as access to the Center’s vast network of industry experts to help each founder with his or her milestone. Entrepreneurs in the Spring 2021 were hand selected after a competitive application process, and all hope to reduce inequalities for communities across the globe.

Find out more about the Milestone Makers program here. Our Summer 2021 Milestone Makers cohort begins June 29th. Apply here or nominate an entrepreneur today!



Fuchsia Shoes

Fuchsia makes beautifully handcrafted artisan shoes that are comfortable and sustainable while changing the lives of marginalized communities in South Asia. We are revolutionizing the traditional non-athletic footwear industry ($33B market opportunity in the US) with sustainably produced and functional footwear. The company is producing on demand footwear incorporating social and eco-consciousness practices in their innovative supply chain.

Plentina, Inc.

We’re building an app that lends people money so they can buy retail purchases, like groceries and medicine. It’s like Affirm for everyday offline retail for emerging markets. We partner with large-scale retailers so their customers can pay on credit even without a credit card by utilizing loyalty programs and mobile behavior to instantly qualify them for loans with our alternative credit score. We lower consumer interest rates leveraging an unprecedented data advantage and we reduce loan risk by disbursing digital store credit.


We help women entrepreneurs understand and easily access essential financial services by providing creative solutions suited to their needs. From financial education to growth loans, and business support, we are on a mission to put more money in Women’s hands.


At Hallo, we help language learners become fluent and find more opportunities in life through language. Hallo is currently helping 1M+ students and finding 10K+ new students per week organically. At the click of a button, students can join live classes and start practicing with native speakers.


Fairstream is the first community recruiting platform. We connect recruiters to underrepresented communities through virtual events. Thousands of job seekers from BIPOC, Disabled, Women and LGBTQ+ groups like YearUp, Women TechCouncil, and Latinas in Tech love Fairstream for helping them land jobs at employers that care about diversity like Adobe, Lucid, Pluralsight, and many more!


We’re revolutionizing how consumers pay with cash in emerging markets, promoting financial inclusion through our technology. Our service empowers a community of on-demand collection users, providing access to consumers to pay for their goods and services online 24/7 with cash. Through the P46 payment button and mobile application, merchants can offer their products and services to anyone without the need of having a credit or debit card.

Armor Bionics

It’s like a GPS for surgeries! What if, with three clicks, your surgeon could design, plan, and practice the procedure on a 3D model that exactly replicates your anatomy before going into the OR? We enable THAT! Reduce surgery risks, reduce surgery time, and improve overall patient outcomes with personalized surgical care.


WUS (Worker Union Support) Ap is designed for the social and economic benefit of the 500 million workers across India. Aligned with Government of India’s agenda for the overall betterment of grey and blue collar workers across all regions and sectors, WUS Ap helps workers and unions in different sectors with efficient grievance redressal.

Shea Yeleen

Shea Yeleen is a DC based social impact company that creates pure shea butter based body care products that generate living wage jobs for women in Ghana. Shea Yeleen is redefining beauty, proving that nourishing our skin with the purest, most lush plant based ingredients does not preclude us from empowering our sisters across the globe.We believe that the health of our bodies, our community, and our planet is interwoven and that beauty is re-imagining the way we do business in order to build a more equitable future for all.

Salaam Nutritionals

We make high quality Halal and Kosher supplements for families who are looking for products without synthetic fillers, allergens, or artificial ingredients. Using a proprietary blend we formulate boring pills into delicious yet nutrient dense gummy vitamins. For every bottle of vitamins sold we donate a high dose Vitamin A drop to a child in need to combat global malnourishment.


Ellect connects suppliers with buyers and every transaction reflects gender equality. We provide a seamless, personalised marketplace to engage, do business and promote diversity in small business suppliers. Every transaction funds a gender equality project.


Svadhi provides an opportunity to achieve upward mobility to those who aspire. We help Higher Education Institutions select and support underserved students who demonstrate abilities important for college success. Svadhi’s unique Character Assessment finds the strengths of the students that are not necessarily reflected in the traditional metrics such as standardized testing or essays.

JoinEight, Inc

JoinEight is the first analytics-driven recruiting solution that eliminates unconscious bias in every candidate application review as everyone deserves a fair chance and the best of their human potential. We created a game-changer solution to change the way the candidate is engaged within the company.


 Find out more about the Milestone Makers program here.

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