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Measuring Impact: How to effectively communicate business value to investors, customers and employees

Gain early access to the Impact Beacon

This how-to session will help you tell your story of impact in ways that enhance investor relationships, drive customer awareness and increase employee retention. Leave with shareable measures and impact targets to demonstrate your company’s potential impact at scale. Use materials gained in this workshop immediately for:

  • Pitch decks
  • Website
  • Marketing Materials
  • Recruiting Materials
  • Customer Meetings

The Impact Beacon is an insights platform that allows entrepreneurs to use facts and figures to identify, evaluate, and articulate their impact.

For the first time, entrepreneurs can measure and understand the positive consequences of their business in a few simple steps. Building on the hard work of platforms such as the Sustainable Development Goals, IRIS+, BLab, and the Impact Management Project (among others), the Impact Beacon distills the process of defining and mapping a company’s impact down to a short series of questions that take less than two minutes to answer. Rather than searching through a library of terms, it filters through 500+ possible outcomes based on the entrepreneur’s vision of what their company can achieve.

Entrepreneurs can also run through multiple scenarios to gauge the impact of different models or approaches to their business. The result is a shareable series of measurements and impact targets that entrepreneurs can use to demonstrate their company’s potential impact at scale.

The Impact Beacon, a dynamic model that is constantly evolving based on entrepreneur feedback, is designed to make the impact measurement process easy, accessible, and tangible. We seek to help more entrepreneurs build impactful companies.


  • Impact storytelling tips with Sarah Millar and City Light Capital Portfolio Company
  • Leadership Beacon Introduction & Access
  • Complete your Impact Profile & Share Insights
  • Optional: Stay for Breakout Rooms. Work with a mentor and your peers in a small group to discuss, refine and improve your story of impact

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Sarah Millar

Principal, City Light Capital

Sarah is a Principal at City Light, a venture capital firm that invests early in impactful companies. They partner with experienced teams building category-defining solutions in the areas of education, safety and care, and the environment – where more revenue equals better lives at scale, every time. As one of the earliest and most successful impact investing firms, City Light has a track record of identifying and scaling impact in ways that build better companies. Sarah runs City Light’s “City Spark” fund. She also leads the fund’s impact measurement and management efforts. She is passionate about supporting companies that show demonstrated impact through their core products or services.

Meg Small

PRC Director of Social Innovation; Assistant Research Professor

Meg Small is the Director of Social Innovation at the Prevention Research Center and serves as the Director of the Health and Human Development Design for Impact Lab. As a Penn State alumna, Meg received her BS in health and human development (HHD) and went on to receive her Ph.D. in public and community health from the University of Maryland. Meg has worked in prevention research for 20 years, and initially became interested in the field as a graduate student who wished to help with the eradication of HIV.

At the Center, Meg is particularly passionate about creating interdisciplinary collaboration and entrepreneurial mindsets to improve the translation process and impact of prevention science. She is interested in developing practices that use innovative methods and frameworks for evidence based programs. Her favorite part about working at the Center is the collaborative culture and interdisciplinary opportunities that present themselves. She loves the passion and commitment everyone at the Center has towards improving outcomes for children and parents.

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