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Roburta Burroughs is helping Fortune 500 companies make digital transformation easier. She is a trusted advisor and leader in Account Management and Customer Success in SaaS sales and success. She is a strategic thinker skilled at problem-solving and a passionate champion of under-estimated entrepreneurs. Roburta has experience in Fintech and Financial Services, with exposure to HR, Healthcare, Technology, and Retail. In addition, she brings experience as a high-level account manager, relationship manager, and customer success manager working with Fortune 500 companies, including Amazon, Adobe, Amgen, Baxter Health, Cytokinetics, DocuSign, Dell, eBay, Facebook, Expedia, Google, Intel, Juniper, and Microsoft. Ms. Burroughs is recognized for her exceptional performance managing across organizations, teams, and continents.

Before WalkMe, the leader in digital adoption, Roburta worked at Nasdaq. Ms. Burroughs had responsibilities driven by the urgency and high-level analysis and communication for Investor Relations Professionals and C-Suite executives who were her customers. She also worked for Mixpanel with product and marketing teams to inform them about data analysis and predictive analytics. In addition to her extensive experience working with IR teams at the highest business levels, she is the Chair of the Nominating & Governance Committee for the Nasdaq Center Advisory Board. As one of the earliest advocates for the Center’s mission of accelerating access and equity in the field of entrepreneurship, Roburta helped secure one of the first funders and engaged numerous other Board Advisors and advocates to the work of the Center while enabling the creation and impact of multiple content and support mechanisms for entrepreneurs. Roburta was the creator and host of “the Breakthrough” – a segment focusing on the advancement of entrepreneurs we don’t usually see. (Women, POC, and others). She has and continues to moderate many conversations about entrepreneurship for the Center and beyond.

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