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Top-tier Ways to Leverage PR for Early Stage Growth, Impact & Valuation (and 1 Way to Avoid)

Valerie will take us through the many facets of PR touching on the power of persuasion, product positioning and the importance of storytelling. She will also share valuable tips on the right way to bootstrap for BIG impact.

Join us to learn how to significantly increase your chances of securing a steady pipeline of stories as an early stage founder, which leads founders to:

  • Increase valuation through increased awareness
  • Facilitate inbound and outbound marketing efforts
  • Establish yourself as a thought leader
  • Google results to validate that you’re active in the industry
  • Higher sales: collateral & evergreen content


Valerie Chan

Plat4orm PR’s founder and CEO, Valerie Chan is a former practicing attorney, who over the course of two decades has cultivated deep relationships within the technology industry. Her experience includes both corporate and agency communications roles within Oracle, Microsoft, WRQ, aQuantive, Western Wireless (dba Cellular One) and SonicWall/Aventail. Valerie has built Plat4orm into a fast growing, integrated communications agency well known and respected by peers and journalists alike. Valerie has managed crisis communications assignments related to mergers & acquisitions, corporate performance shortfalls, leadership changes, security breaches, change management issues, AG investigations, litigation management including class-action lawsuits and product recalls. Valerie received her Bachelor’s degree in English and Communications and Juris Doctorate from Seattle University.

She is currently serving as a member of Forbes Agency Council, an invitation-only community for successful senior-level executives in public relations, media strategy, creative and advertising agencies.

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