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Learn the best simple and authentic marketing strategy for Linkedin with expert George Kao.

You probably have a LinkedIn profile.

So do most people you know!

Imagine that you’re using LinkedIn much more effectively — having an optimized profile, and engaging in authentic activity that grows and nurtures your ideal network.

If you have felt uncomfortable with the highly transactional nature of how “networking” is usually done, this session will show you how you can be a caring professional on LinkedIn. When you’re top-of-mind for your ideal connections, they refer valuable opportunities to you.

In this session, we’ll explore:

  • The 3-part strategy of using LinkedIn effectively and authentically — Content, Comments, and Connections.
  • A few basics for optimizing a LinkedIn profile.
  • Instead of diluting your efforts and getting few results, how to clarify your “ideal connections” so that you can network more effectively.
  • The power of “netcaring” instead of “networking”.

Learn to use LinkedIn to nurture an ideal network that eagerly helps you grow your business!


George Kao

George Kao is a business coach who champions integrity in marketing, instead of the predatory tactics that we have all experienced as consumers. George has personally coached hundreds of clients, and offers valuable free articles and videos about authentic marketing and joyful productivity at his website:


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