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Join JP Johl, Co-founder of Mind Heros to Learn How to Get to 100k Subscribers

This session will cover the importance of establishing a goal driven growth plan before anything else, and what steps are needed to implement a scalable plan that can take you from 0-100k subscribers and beyond.

JP will be going over how to find the most effective growth hacks/tactics you should use by reverse engineering your goals as well as his favorite tools to implement these growth hacks.

Along with this, JP will discuss how to gain initial traction and why he believes that startups need to do things that don’t scale in their earlier days.

This session is for:

  • Launch (product/service being used by customers)
  • Growth (scaling customers, products/services and markets)

This session will cover:

  • How to develop and implement a goal driven growth plan
  • How to reverse engineer your goals to decide which growth hacks/tactics you should use
  • The tools you will need to implement your growth hacks/tactics


OUR SPEAKER | Jagpal “JP” Johl 


JP is the co-founder of Mind Heros, a chatbot agency that builds custom messenger bots that allow brands & influencers to engage with customers in a fun, conversational, and profitable way.

JP is a farmer and former bull rider turned growth hacker who has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, including; Uber, Lyft, Wish, Puma, Chevy, Nissan, as well as a variety of other startups.

About the Whole Entrepreneur:

Based on our research and interaction with thousands of global entrepreneurs, the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center has identified seven essential founder attributes: Creativity, Vision, Independence, Organization, Communication, Self-Confidence, and Leadership. Our programming is rooted in this philosophy by providing individualized learning paths for founders focused on their abilities as a leader to create long-term, sustainable growth.

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