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Join Vitaly Golomb, Managing Director IEG Investment Banking Group, on Beating Silicon Valley – Where VCs are Investing Money and You Should Be Investing Your Time

Get the latest trends data on where VCs are currently investing and technology trends coming down the road. Learn how to position your startup for success with investors and the market. Understand the true value of Silicon Valley and how to apply techniques developed here towards global opportunities.

Paricipants will join a discussion on:

  • How to build a fundable company
  • When to come to Silicon Valley, when to use the Silicon Valley model in other markets
  • Technology mega trends that will drive the next wave of unicorns

This session is for:

  • Launch (product/service being used by customers)
  • Growth (scaling customers, products/services and markets)
  • Hyper Growth (growing your team and expertise at the same time as products/services and customers)



Vitaly Golomb

Vitaly Golomb

Vitaly Golomb, Managing Director and Global Head of Principal Investments at IEG Investment Banking Group

Vitaly M. Golomb is one of the most dynamic and in-demand speakers and trainers in the world of startups, venture capital, and corporate innovation. He is the author of Accelerated Startup (2017), universally praised by entrepreneurs and investors alike as the startup creation manual. A serial entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley trenches since his teenage years, he is a Managing Director and Global Head of Principal Investments at IEG Investment Banking Group. He was previously a founding Partner at HP Tech Ventures, the corporate venture arm of Silicon Valley’s original startup–where he was recognized as a Global Corporate Venturing Rising Star–and a three times CEO. He is a contributing writer to TechCrunch and a top-ranked mentor by accelerators and business schools in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Vitaly lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and travels to over 20 countries each year to consult and speak for major conferences, corporations, associations and universities on entrepreneurship, innovation, and design. His ability to break down complex concepts and inspire, educate, and delight audiences across industries and cultures, is second to none.

About the Whole Entrepreneur:

Based on our research and interaction with thousands of global entrepreneurs, the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center has identified seven essential founder attributes: Creativity, Vision, Independence, Organization, Communication, Self-Confidence, and Leadership. Our programming is rooted in this philosophy by providing individualized learning paths for founders focused on their abilities as a leader to create long-term, sustainable growth.


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