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Mentor Makers

Introducing Mentor Makers

A nation-wide exchange of knowledge and experience from business leaders in support of entrepreneurs of all backgrounds.

Our goal is 1 million mentor hours ignited by 50,000 community mentors in support of entrepreneurs.

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Mentor Makers is a movement to inspire successful BUSINESS LEADERS from traditional and non-traditional backgrounds to offer their time and expertise as EXCEPTIONAL MENTORS. We vouch to help you with the inspiration and the tools you need to be game-changing mentors for entrepreneurs across all industries and geographies.

Entrepreneurs are the dreamers, doers, visionaries who are not only solving problems our community and world is facing today, but those that will create a better future for us all. Mentorship matters to all entrepreneurs; their success is dependent on it.

The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, along with our partner MentorCloud, feel strongly there is more to be done to support ALL business owners, today, as they navigate this crisis and build from survivability towards recovery and opportunity. Industries, markets, technology, customers are rapidly changing around them at a faster pace than ever before. The one constant in business, both current and future state, is that entrepreneurs are visionary leaders making something out of nothing and hiring talent at rates exceeding any other industry. These entrepreneurs need our support for their benefit and for ours.

As Dr. Laura A. Jana, pediatrician and author of the Toddler Brain states, “from birth to death, the most important contribution to positive human development is a caring, responsive adult.” This applies explicitly to business.

Mentor Makers is a movement to inspire great business leaders, from traditional and non-traditional backgrounds and give them the tools they need to be exceptional mentors to entrepreneurs across all races, industries, geographies. Together, we will build the greatest exchange bank of knowledge and expertise in service to entrepreneurs in business today.

Mentor Makers Code of Conduct

The Opportunity

With extreme challenges business owners are facing due to the ongoing pandemic, the Small Business Association predicts in the next two months 24% of small businesses will close.

63% of business owners do not have professional guidance at the onset of their business. Yet, 92% of small business owners agree that mentors have a direct impact on their business (Forbes).

How do I become a Mentor?

Join us in empowering everyday entrepreneurs with timely mentorship.

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Our Partners in the Movement

We invite you to join us as we start to build the greatest exchange of expertise and knowledge for entrepreneurs from all backgrounds in business today

Our Approach:

Mentor Makers is a movement to inspire, source and train new mentors. We are building the first-ever exchange of intellectual capital and knowledge in support of entrepreneurs. Our approach is four parts:



Great mentorship deserves to be acknowledged and shared

Great mentorship deserves to be acknowledged – and finding those entrepreneurs and founders who COULD be great mentors is a high priority.

This is our opportunity to identify great mentors from all backgrounds – particularly Black and brown leaders and others communities who have been traditionally underestimated or underrepresented – and create a nomination system where individuals can tag great leaders, people they look up to in their communities, in their families, and invite them to join our Mentor Makers movement.



A virtual (and free) summit focused on mentorship best practices

To launch the Mentor Makers program, we are hosting a virtual summit with high profile, inspirational leaders. Topics will be focused on strategies and tips for how to be the best mentor you can be.

Learn about that first mentoring moment, the first person that helped these great leaders in a profound way. And as mentees, how to get the most from your mentors. Attendance is free and sessions will be interactive, practical and inspirational.




Earn badges as you mentor to share across your network

Through our customized training curriculum for mentors supporting entrepreneurs, mentors will participate in a series of workshops through which new mentors will earn a Mentor Maker badge to share across their networks and will be profiled on MentorCloud where entrepreneurs can reach them directly.

As Mentor Maker hours increase, so do badge levels. We track a knowledge-exchange leaderboard with collective and individual hours of contribution to build greater community and transparency towards the real-time benefits for great mentorship.



An evaluation system to measure the value of mentorship

Mentorship is often mistakenly considered a soft, auxiliary benefit to building a successful business even though every successful entrepreneur attributes their success to having great mentors. Human interactions can be difficult to measure and existing mentorship studies are not robust enough to measure the true value and impact of mentors. We will develop a monitoring and evaluation system to longitudinally measure the tangible value of mentorship.


Between Mentor Day (October 27th) and Entrepreneurship Day (November 19th), we invite you to celebrate mentorship with leading entrepreneurs, innovators, and change-makers by nominating an inspirational leader in your career. Be a part of the #TagAMentor challenge and join the movement with the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center in building the greatest exchange of knowledge and expertise in service to entrepreneurs in business today.

Here’s what you need to do: Tag one or more mentors who have helped you along the way and challenge a colleague or friend to do the same. Just use #TagAMentor and #mentormakers in the post and tag us @nasdaqcenter. By acknowledging your mentors, we hope to encourage others to do the same. When you #TagAMentor, you get a chance to be featured on Nasdaq’s Times Square Tower on November 19th.

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