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Find answers to frequently asked questions about the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center.


How is the Center funded?

We’re funded by our partners, foundation grants, and individual donors. We also charge fees for using our event space to help cover our costs, and for licensing our proprietary curriculum programs such as Milestone Makers.

How can my company become a partner of the Center?

Please contact Keith Newman, Vice President of Partnerships, at, or visit our Partnerships page to learn more about partnering with the Center.

Can I volunteer to support the Center?

Please contact Colin Mahin, Program Manager, at to be considered as a curriculum teacher, mentor, or coach to donate your time and talent to the Center. We regret that we cannot guarantee opportunities to volunteer, as these opportunities will be extended based on the needs of our community. We also extend volunteer opportunities—such as service on our talented Young Executive Advisory Board—as a benefit of partnership.

Does the Center accept donations?

We do accept individual donations; please contact Keith Newman, Vice President of Partnerships,, to arrange for a donation. Donations are tax-deductible as the Center is a 501(c)3 organization.

Does the Center work outside of the Bay Area?

While our classes physically take place at the Center in San Francisco, our online content is free and open to entrepreneurs all over the world. In fact, our community of entrepreneurs represent 68 countries from every continent north of Antarctica. We also recently completed our first Milestone Makers cohort in India, via a partnership with Startup India, and we are proud to work with the government of New Zealand and the University of Melbourne in Australia. We frequently host visiting foreign delegations at the Center to learn more about what we’re doing here and to explore opportunities to bring our services into other markets outside the Bay Area.

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