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We welcome Sergio Marrero of Rebel One to join us for a virtual session on how to Master the Pivot

Are you a founder in search for product market fit and increasing your revenue?

Join us for a workshop to go through the nuts and bolts of pivoting to create a clear path to stabilizing and scaling your business, and how to stand out among the crowd.

What does ‘Pivoting’ really mean? Sergio Marrero is Managing Partner of Rebel One Ventures, an early stage venture fund backing rebel founders for a better world, and he will take you on a 20 minute interactive exercise providing a framework for different ways your startup can adapt and evolve (aka ‘pivot’) in the search for product market fit and increasing your revenue. Best practices are taken from Lean Startup, the Ten Types of Innovation, and Design Thinking exercises to create a clear path to stabilizing and scaling your business.

He will lead us in addressing the following topics:

  • Components of pivoting, how to quickly steer your company to revenue.
  • Key framework to adapt and evolve for product market fit and increased revenue.
  • Insiders view into pivoting from a VC perspective.
  • Tips to standing out among founders and a changing market.
  • Straight talk Q&A with a VC and founder.


Sergio Marrero

Rebel One, Managing Partner

Sergio Marrero is a serial entrepreneur, founder, investor, and coach who graduated from the Harvard Business School and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. He previously worked at PepsiCo, Teach For America, and the Deloitte Consulting Strategy Operations group. While in graduate school he conducted his thesis on venture studios and accelerating impact innovation at the intersection of business and government. He set up operations for two funds each raising $100M, produces an investor and CEO LiveStream Series called RBL1 Live, and is Managing Director of Rebel One – a double bottom line investing fund and investor network accelerating rebels innovating for a better world.

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