Meet A Milestone Maker: Sam Strasser, CEO of Treasure

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“We are building a deeper understanding of the relationship between capital and companies using machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. We dissect every inflow, assessing the future risk and the maximum potential value of each incoming dollar.

Right now, in the USA alone, there is over $2 trillion uncirculated dollars sitting within SMB’s. Treasure is the first solution that’s helping companies grow more responsibly and operate more sustainably by putting their own cash to use in a frictionless way. When a business’ has the capability to know its future, strategic drivers shift from outside funding back to internal revenue which is really the primary requirement for a company to fully become self-sustaining. Ultimately this leads to a necessary increase in operational efficacy at a systemic level, yielding a better economy and for the first time ever (outside political reform), a decrease to our nations deficit.” —Sam Strasser

Sam Strasser is the CEO and Founder of Treasure Technologies. Before starting Treasure Technologies, Strasser was the Co-Founder of Distillery Tech, a full-service software design company. Before that, Strasser was the Co-Founder of Curby a b2b SaaS platform for the automotive valet industry. Curby was acquired in 2015 by our main competitor, Curbstand. Strasser achieved his BS in Business/Managerial Economics from Grand Canyon University.

In our Milestone Maker program, Strasser is working toward securing $35 Million in corporate deposits.  Stay tuned here for developments on the progress.


Milestone Makers is a prestigious 12-week program designed to help founders set and hit their next critical company milestone. Carefully selected entrepreneurs to receive individualized mentoring, training, and resources all at no cost.

Launched in 2016, Milestone Makers is a program that selects a small cohort of entrepreneurs to receive individualized business mentoring, coaching, training, and resources. The goal is to help entrepreneurs set, hit, and celebrate milestones critical to company growth.

Entrepreneurs apply to take part in this 12-week program. Upon acceptance, participants are matched with executive coaches and mentors who are leaders in their industry and given access to customized resources that meet each founder’s needs. The program also provides media and PR opportunities.

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