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Talk confidently with investors about metrics that matter and learn why they care.

Investors will tell you that early on, there’s only 1 metric that matters – users. The suggestion is deceptively simple; there are so many ways to measure. What are your core assumptions and how are you going to test them? Those are the metrics to measure! In this session we’ll unpack what to test, how to test it, and what inventors are really expecting from early-stage digital startups. Demonstrate your dedication to users with metrics that matter.

You will Learn:

· The most common metrics and what they reveal

· How to test assumptions and what to do with the data

· The levers for influencing the most common metrics

· How to predict costs and revenue.

Each participant will get a metrics tracking spreadsheet that they can work from during the session and complete on their own.

This interactive session is designed for early stage entrepreneurs & founders asking:

• From downloads to DAU, what metrics should I be tracking?

• I’m not charging yet, can I still show traction?

• I barely have customers, how should I think about LTV and CAC?

• Should I be focused on acquiring new customers or recurring revenue?


Lauren M Taylor is managing partner and co-founder of Zero Gravity Agency, a product development and marketing consultancy for startups, as well as an investor with Pipeline Angels. She brings expertise in project management and product development to mission-driven startups of all sizes, with a focus on digital. Prior to starting Zero Gravity, Taylor managed education for BAVC, the tech sector coordinator for the City of San Francisco, where she was recognized by the Obama White House for excellence in education.

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