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How to Use Design Thinking To Solve Your Business Challenges with Alaine Newland


Human Centered Design (HCD) is a framework and methodology that involves using empathy to create products, experiences and services that truly meet the needs of the end-user. Together we’ll use HCD brainstorming techniques to tackle an innovation challenge, from ideating to rapid prototyping.

Attendees will learn:

  • Human Centered Design: These methodologies can be applied towards any type of design, production and creation to strengthen deliverables’ usability.
  • Creative Confidence: Everyone has the capacity to be creative, and it’s your own unique set of skills and experiences that lend to unique problem solving.
  • Building empathy: Understanding the end user allows us to transform assumptions into actionable, meaningful solutions.




Alaine Newland

Alaine believes in the power of memorable experiences and design that resonates. From engaging a global community of change-makers at IDEO to producing events at GitHub, Alaine’s favorite place is at the intersection of technology + design.

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