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What is the overall map for using Facebook Ads in a cost-efficient way to reach our potential clients and customers?

Facebook is the largest social media platform by far, with more than 2 billion daily users! Any demographic can be reached with Facebook Ads and it is one of the most cost effective ways to market your brand. This webinar will give you an overall understanding of how to create an effective and affordable Facebook Ads strategy to reach your potential clients/customers.

Valuable topics of discussion will include:

  • Understanding how to reach the *right* people, not just more people
  • A/B Testing – Are graphics or images needed to run Facebook Ads successfully?
  • Warming up an audience before trying to sell to them


George Kao

George Kao is a business coach who champions integrity in marketing, instead of the predatory tactics that we have all experienced as consumers. George has personally coached hundreds of clients, and offers valuable free articles and videos about authentic marketing and joyful productivity at his website:


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