The Full Stack Growth Cycle
09:30 to 11:00
San Francisco,

Join us for 

The Full Stack Growth Cycle

The Framework for Scalable, Repeatable, and Sustainable Growth

with Balint Vojnits

As a Full Stack Growth Hacking Expert, Balint will discuss executing Full Stack Growth strategies in cross- cultural, data-driven business environments. . During this session, you will have an opportunity to share your growth challenges and learn tactics to deliver prompt solutions. 

Attendees will take away: 

  • How to avoid your Growth to be stalled

  • How to reach your full Growth potential

  • A playbook to implement growth tactics


Balint Vojnits

As a Full Stack Growth Leader, Bálint brings a diverse range of experiences including growing international operations in Europe and the US, training mid-size management teams and entrepreneurs about how to create and execute Full Stack Growth strategies at cross- cultural, data-driven business environments. 

Bálint led 100+ Growth projects for both enterprises and startups in 15 different business sectors. He also built 7 of his own startups, won several pitch competitions, and achieved 1 exit. 

Bálint is committed to creating enduring value for people, the Planet, and the global economy by fully leveraging all current technologies, relationships, and resources.


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