Inside the Mind of an Angel Investor: Investment Optionality Series
02:30 to 04:00
San Francisco,

Inside the Mind of an Angel Investor: Investment Optionality Series with Nicola Corzine

For current and aspiring entrepreneurs, attracting the attention — and support — of an angel investor can seem like one of the great enigmas of raising funds for a business. What are they looking for? What separates the businesses they support from the businesses they turn away? And how can you make sure an angel investor is the right fit for you and your business needs?

After this 60-minute session, you’ll walk away with a better understanding of:

  • How to excite an angel investor 

  • The power of the angel rolodex   

  • Evaluating the right fit with your seed investors

  • Demystifying seed valuations


2:30pm Registration and Networking 

2:45pm Discussion Begins

3:45pm Q & A and Networking

4:00pm Event Ends 


Nicola Corzine 

Nicola Corzine is the founding Executive Director of the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center, a non profit that delivers world-class resources and mentoring to enable every entrepreneur across the globe to realize their maximum potential. Nicola brings over 15 years of strategic business development and entrepreneurial thought leadership, most recently in her role as Investment Partner for the Band of Angels, a position she held since 2004 where she worked on more than 95 investments and evaluated close to 1,200 deals.

Nicola has a broad background in investor relations and marketing at both startup companies, such as Digital Integrity, and financial institutions, including Credit Suisse First Boston and Fundraising Forum.

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