Demystifying Financial Statements with KPMG
12:30 to 02:00
San Francisco,

Demystifying Financial Statements with Marissa Wong, Katie Hilkemeyer and Marty Keese from KPMG 

Launching and growing a new venture can be challenging enough without trying to make sense of complicated financial reporting. However, knowing how to build a solid financial foundation early on ensures the long-term health of your growing business. During this session hosted by KPMG, you will gain a fundamental understanding of finance basics for your startup along with other key considerations that impact the financial strength of your new company.

Topics include:

  • Corporate structure options

  • Understanding financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow, statement of stockholders equity, footnotes) and how to prepare them.

  • Maintaining and creating accurate financial reports

  • Cash flow forecasting

  • Tax provision and recording taxes.


Marissa Wong, Audit Manager, KPMG’s Emerging Technology Practice 

Katie Hilkemeyer, Audit Senior Manager, KPMG’s Venture Capital Practice

Marty Keese,  Tax Managing Director, KPMG’s Federal Tax Practice

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