Creative Marketing Strategy for Startups
09:30 to 11:00
San Francisco,

Join us for 

Creative Marketing Strategy for Startups: 3 Keys to Getting Seen in a Crowded Market

with Rebecca Williams 

Why do some brands stick in your mind and others don’t? How do you know when your marketing has just the right amount of pop to get you seen? Marketing is not just about putting your small business “out there”, it’s about being strategic and creative in how you do it. Join us for this hands-on workshop where you will learn and immediately put into action three keys to getting your small business more attention and more clients. Warning: High potential for starting to see marketing as FUN.

You will:

  • Learn how to identify your business voice and tone

  • Jumpstart your business creative mindset

  • Learn how to craft messaging that sticks

9:30am: Registration and Networking 

9:45am: Session Begins

11:00am: Session Ends 


Rebecca Williams, Marketing Strategy and Implementation Coach 

Rebecca supports entrepreneurs in getting clear and confident in their message and marketing, so they can stand out, get clients, and have fun growing their businesses.

She uses her two decades’ experience in the communication arts and as a marketing professional to create marketing strategy that facilitates authentic messaging and powerful delivery across platforms. Her workshops, trainings, and events bring a potent mixture of best practice and intuitive communication savvy to participants so they can move past blocks in their message and marketing to reach their ideal clients.

Rebecca’s mission is to guide entrepreneurs in finding their authentic and biggest voice so they can get their message out with confidence and get results that move their businesses forward.

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