How to Pave the Way for an Awesome Design Team
05:00 to 07:00
San Francisco,

When joining a company as designer #1, you’re making an investment not just in the product but in the design culture. As lead designer, you are responsible for paving the way for this culture and can have a tremendous impact your company’s user experience. However, this investment is not without its risks.

Jenny Mullins

As lead designers embark on this journey, they face a wide spectrum of challenges. What roadblocks will they face? How do they convince leadership to invest in design? How do they get design ahead of engineering? How do they balance design requests while staying sane? Jenny Mullins, Lead Product Designer at LearnUp, shares helpful tips and practical advice to help any current or aspiring design leader pave the way for a strong design culture with examples drawn from case studies collected from a variety of different lead designers from Tile, Eaze, Microsoft, and more.


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